Reddit acquires Alien Blue, Jase Morrissey joins Reddit

Reddit acquires Alien Blue, Jase Morrissey joins Reddit

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Reddit announced today that they acquired the pixel perfect Reddit client app Alien Blue and renaming it to Alien Blue – reddit official client. Along with this acquisition, Jase Morrissey – The App Developer – is joining the Reddit team and will continue developing his beloved app.

Reddit Alien Blue new icon

No major changes for the app itself except for a brand new icon that is similar to the Reddit official AMA app icon that I reviewed before.

Due to how the App Store app transfer works, old users need to redownload the app again, as for users who purchased the pro upgrade they need to purchase it again, but because this is Reddit and Reddit is awesome, they are making the pro upgrades free for an entire week. Reddit also said in it’s post that they are going to continue to work with developers who work on other Reddit 3rd party app.

Please make sure to export your setting from the old app an import it to the new app before deleting the old one.