1Password 5.2 for iOS adds support for OTP and more

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1Password is one of those apps that when you use you can’t let go of it, it just sticks with you and make you happy all the time, never disappoint.

The guys at AgileBits released 1Password 5.2 Codenamed The Awesomesauce Edition for iOS which add support for One-time password aka OTP for Pro users only.

In addition to OTP, 1Password now have an easier way to add new logins:

 we added our first-ever Login Creator, a really slick new tool that makes it easy, dare I even say fun, to add your existing Logins to 1Password and get a feel for how much time it can save you.

Until now my OTP app of choice is Authy, and the fact that 1Password Sync the OTP across devices is really great, but at the moment I’m still using an iPhone 4 with an iOS 7 so I don’t see my self switching all my OTPs to 1Password.