The Next Web Introduce Canvas Ads

The Next Web Introduce Canvas Ads

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The Next Web has been busy lately redesigning their website, and introducing a new kind of ads. They are called Canvas Ads. These ads are far from what Google adsCarbon ads and THEDECK offer, its way more beautiful.

I’ve always believed that if there’s something that someone else did and you don’t like, then do it yourself and do it the way you’ve always wanted, I guess this is how The Next Web team was thinking when they made Canvas Ads.

Daniel Ashes Canvas Ad as seen on The Next Web

What is Canvas Ads exactly? #

It’s a big beautiful ad that is displayed on the background of each article, sometime it is a picture, a video/gif, and sometime its just a beautiful photo from an artist.

How do they work? #

After the page load, the content will be swiped to the right automatically revealing a big ad, which you can easily hide by hovering the mouse over the content, or by pressing “C” on your keyboard which I find much better than trying to find a small “x” on a Pop-up ads.

What is their downside? #

Well, let’s face it, “Everybody” love to hate Ads, but this one is honestly beautiful.

One thing to note is that you can’t get rid of them, I had uBlock Origin enabled on Chrome but the ads were being displayed, and as mentioned in this article from Boris the Founder of The Next Web these ads replaced the old TNW PRO Membership that they offered a while ago which used to remove ads from the site:

And no, subscriptions aren’t the answer – we, and many other publishers, tried offering Pro accounts without ads, but the numbers simply didn’t add up.

So for the time being, you are stuck with them, but I don’t think we should put it this way, because I don’t think that seeing something beautiful is something to get stuck with, its rather something we should want and ask all other publishers to implement and improve on. Instead of seeing ugly ads and Pop-up ads, we should see things that are beautifully designed.

I personally have Ublock Origin disabled on a lot of sites I read on daily basis, not just because I want to support the writer but also because I like seeing their ads, sites like: MacStoriesRocketINK,, DaringFireball and so on. These sites use Advertisement companies like Carbon Ads, BuySellAds and THEDECK which you can’t compare it in anyway to Google Ads.

And personally in my site, I have some ads displayed in the sidebar which is automatically hidden so you as a reader won’t be bothered by them unless you clicked on the sidebar to open it.

At the end I would say that I hope that these ads are the start of something new that more news publication implement, and If I had the skill to develop something like it on my own, I would’ve.