Twitpic is NOT shutting down, for real this time!

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In a recent post on Twitpic blog, Noah Everett the founder of Twitpic wrote that he will shut down the service due to an unsolved trademark issue with Twitter.

For thoes of you who don’t know what Twitpic is,  it’s a photo sharing service that is used for sharing pictures on Twitter since 2008

Noah said Twitter contacted him asking him to “abandon the trademark application or risk losing access to their API.”

Twitpic founder had no other choice but to announce that he will shut down the service, and by doing this the company will erase millions of photos uploaded to their servers which caused panic all over the internet especially when Twitpic blocked people from accessing their archive.

What followed is a bit confusing:

First – There was a tweet from Twitpic saying that the service has been acquired and more details regarding this acquisition will come soon.

Second – On Oct 16 another tweet said that the service will shut down, again!

And yesterday Noah was happy to announce that Twitpic was acquired by Twitter which put an end to all this chaos.

So Twitpic is not shutting down right?