Twitter Release Official WordPress Plugin

Twitter Release Official WordPress Plugin

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If you are running a WordPress site, then I’m sure that you already know the that the WordPress plugin directory have an entire tag dedicated for Twitter which include a lot of different plugins that gives you endless amount of ways to implement Twitter in your WordPress site, exactly 1680 plugins.

But for whatever reason today, Twitter decided to release an official WordPress Plugin that is pretty much useless to me so far.

So a Twitter WordPress Plugin huh! I wonder what it does?!

Here’s the entire list:

  • customize backgrounds and color schemes to match your site’s theme
  • showcase video uploaded to Twitter
  • simple sharing of your site’s content on Twitter
  • highlight your site’s content when shared on Twitter
  • track impressions and top distributors of your site’s content on Twitter
  • Follow button – grow your Twitter audience
  • Twitter ads conversion tracking – easily track actions on your WordPress site triggered by a Twitter ad or build a custom targeting audience

And here’s what the setting page looks like if you are still interested but you don’t want to install it:

Twitter WordPress Plugin Settings Page

Ok, I know, here’s an example of the dark theme:

Twitter WordPress Plugin Dark Theme

The plugins is developed by Niall Kennedy, and at the time of writing this article it doesn’t seem that anyone made a comment on it yet, I personally can’t wait to see what others will say.

I personally use the sharing option from the Jetpack Plugin for the Twitter sharing button that you see at the end of each article, and as for automatically sharing new articles to Twitter, I let handle that for me

You can download the plugin from the Official WordPress Plugin Directory.

UPDATE: According to Brian Krogsgard the Editor of PostStatus the new Twitter WordPress plugin has a high number of downloads already because it took the place of another Twitter WordPress Plugin:

 They just released the plugin a couple of hours ago. It’s actually taking the place of an existing plugin, which was wiped from the plugin repo two weeks ago by Otto Wood. That’s what will account for the 150,000+ downloads upon initial release. Otto has now reset the count in the database, so the numbers are more realistic.