Verizon Buys Aol for $4.4 Billion

Verizon Buys Aol for $4.4 Billion

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Guess what! Today I’m going tell you the news about two companies that I’ve never mentioned before in my site, Verizon and Aol…Ok let’s be fare, I mentioned Aol before when they shutdown TUAW.

If you read the title then I’m sure you already know what this news article is all about but let’s write it here again: Verizon Buys Aol for $4.4 Billion.

That’s IMO a lot of money to spend on an email service that no one use these days, some people even didn’t know that Aol still exist. Maybe everyone except Brett Terpstra. It’s worth noting again that Aol owns some big Technology News website such as:

Aol Dial Up still exist, and Verizon is buying for $4.4 Billion

One of my favorite tweets has to be this one by Paul Thurrott

Just the other day I was thinking how Aol doesn’t have any kind of service that I use, like how I use Google’s Gmail for emails, YouTube and Google Drive, and how I have a Yahoo account to use Flickr, but with Aol, I really have no uses for it. Oh well, I guess Verizon have a lot of money and they don’t care about spending it on something old.
If you want to read more about this news, then head over to TechCrunch and read their article, and the Memo From AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.