Chris Ziegler Was Leading a Double Life at the Verge and Apple


It’s not every day that I write something about another news site, but this time, it’s different and the news is shocking and strange at the same time.

Chris Ziegler aka @zpower one of the founding members of The Verge accepted a job at Apple without letting anyone know for the past two months according to a note from Nilay Patel, EIC of The Verge.

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How to Add Custom CSS to WordPress

How to Add Custom CSS to Wordpress

Today I will tell you How to Add Custom CSS to WordPress. Something I had to learn while redesigning this site. And I will tell you where you need to add your shiny new customs CSS.

WordPress themes already come with style.css file which you can add extra CSS to and change the old one, but when the theme receive an update, all the changes will be lost. You can use a child theme’s style.css file and do @import but you shouldn’t, and you need to avoid it.

How to Add Custom CSS to WordPress

Jetpack have a Custom CSS module which comes with code revision, it’s simple and works well. And last but not least, there’s Tom Usborne’s Simple CSS Plugin that include CSS editor in the Customizer so you can live preview your changes and Metabox for page/post specific CSS.
But I wanted more, I was really thirsty for a plugin with more features.

So I put my backpack and started my journey trying to find the perfect plugin in the land of repo, a land so far away, with a population of 46,074 plugins.

After spending days in this land, trying plugin after another, I finally found the perfect one, it has the basic feature, a place for your Custom CSS code, and a ton of extra features that you never think you need until you see them and try them yourself.

Here’s my Simple Custom CSS and JS Review:

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Encrypted email provider GhostMail shutting down

GhostMail shutting down

In an email sent to its users, GhostMail, An encrypted email provider announced that it will shut down the service on 1st of September 2016.

The Switzerland-based company started in 2015, and offered both free 10 GB email and paid service for $59.
It included many features like:

  1. Self Destructing Email & Chat
  2. Two-Factor Login
  3. GhostBox Cloud Storage
  4. Swiss Data Citizenship

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Introducing a brand new /news47ell

News47ell Logo

I‘ve been working on re-designing/optimizing this website for a while now, almost two months. During this time, I learned a lot about HTML, CSS, SVG, Adobe AI, Fonts, Chrome’s DevTools and many many other things that allowed me bring this new look to the site and improve its performance.

I had a lot of fun while trying to make the site as fast as possible, and I think I did a pretty damn good job considering these high scores I got in GTMetrix, Pingdom and WebPageTest.

I challenged myself to achieve the highest score possible, which at one point meant deleting a big chunk of the CSS codes that I wrote because honestly, things went out of control at one point.

I also went as far as inserting the site logo manually just so I can get rid of the ‘Serve scaled images’ in GTMetrix, all thanks to Tom Usborne, the developer behind the GeneratePress framework which is what the site is running on at the moment.

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s new in /news47ell

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How to move WordPress media library to new host

I’ve recently talked about how I moved this site to Lightning Base. In the process of moving, I was worried about one thing only: How am I going to move WordPress media library to new host?

I’ve always been interested in trying the free migration offer from hosting companies but when I stop for a moment to think about the requirements, I quickly cancel the idea from my head because it involves giving my site credentials to a stranger so they can access my site.

One popular way to move WordPress media library to new host is by using the official WordPress Importer Plugin but it has a tiny issue for XML files with a lot of media files. It simply doesn’t work.
Taking a look at the reviews, you will see that many people get frustrated when they try to use the plugin to import their media files because when you try, the request gets timed out due to the amount of text that the server needs to go through, parse and process.

A lot of people suggest splitting the XML into multiple files, but even that didn’t work. I got duplicate media files and I had to start from the beginning.

I did a bit of research and came across a great WordPress plugin that does only one thing. It imports your media files.

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Recently I took a DigitalOcean server for a spin to try both PHP 7 and nginx with HTTP/2.

I tried installing nginx from the package that comes with Ubuntu but it turns out that it installed an older version of nginx that doesn’t support HTTP/2.

The default package with Ubuntu 14.04 trusty have nginx version 1.4.6-1. But HTTP/2 support comes with nginx 1.9.5.

No problem. Google comes to the rescue.

A bit of research and I found out which version of nginx support HTTP/2.

I didn’t know that nginx have a public “beta” package for people to test the latest features.
Most services call that package beta, dev or pre release.
Some companies go for unique names like bleeding edge in the case of WordPress or canary like Chrome.

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Must Watch: The PC Security Channel

Recently after I posted my very first article after a few months away, I decided to go on YouTube and watch some reviews.

The thing is, I’ve already watched a lot of reviews for many different things from many different YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips, Tek Syndicate, The Verge and many, many more.

The few YouTubers that I mentioned all review Computer Hardware, or talk about tech news in general. They rarely dip their toes in the Software section, which is a bit disappointing to me because I know I would enjoy watching Software reviews.

They all have tried it at one point, but none continue to do it and I’m not sure why. For example, Linus Tech Tips did few video about Google Chrome extensions, Desktop remote applications and Ninite, which all of them are for the NCIX Tech Tips channel and not his own?!

The Verge’s very own Paul Miller who left the internet for a year did a video showing the writing apps that he uses in a daily basis.

Tek Syndicate did 3 videos reviewing foobar2000, a music app for Windows that allows you to sync your iPod with something other than iTunes.

So, last night, I decided to look for some Software reviews on YouTube. I decided to look for Antivirus Software reviews, because I’ve been using an iPhone and an iPad for couple of years now and I honestly missed doing research on which Antivirus Software is better than the other and why.

The PC Security Channel.

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