Readability for iOS updated for iOS 7, is it a step forward or a step back?

Since august 05 2013 Readability team didn’t release any update to its iOS app, until today, they say its a major update but is it really a major update or just a new UI?

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Is Yahoo going to buy Android from Google?

Marissa Mayer is buying everything that moves lately, Be careful out there, don’t move, and don’t breathe.
Since Marissa became the CEO of Yahoo Before she used to work Google as a executive and key spokesperson, things have changed for the company, changed in a good way I guess.

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These iOS apps need to be fixed…immediately!

Have you ver noticed that a lot of the official non-Apple iOS apps sucks?
I’m talking about the Functionality of the app, the design, and the features that it offers.
And I couldn’t help my self but to mention on example from Apple own apps, but you will find out more about the app when you read the article.
Let’s start with twitter for example, I’m sure a lot of people use it, but let’s be honest with each other here, a lot of third party apps are way much better than the official twitter app.

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CloudUp, the best droplr alternative

Droplr announced that’s it’s going to be a paid service only, people stormed to twitter trying to find droplr alternative. Look no more bcuz CloudUp is here, to replace your droplr.

For those of you who don’t know, CloudUp is a cloud files sharing service that focus on making sharing files and links fast and easy, with it’s beautiful user interface and simplicity. It also gives you the option to upload and share pictures, videos, songs, documents, and even codes. CloudUp user interface And for iOS users, don’t worry, CloudUp is working on an iPhone and an iPad application, until they release it, don’t forget to add CloudUp web-app on your iPhone and iPad home screen for easy access. And for the readers of News47ell, here’s an Exclusive Invitation code for the first 100 people that will sign up, you can sign up using this link and enter the code News47ell and you will get an early access to CloudUp service. Hope you enjoy using it.

Authy review: Google Authenticator App alternative

Google Authenticator App alternative

I’m sure a lot of people who really care about their privacy, securing their accounts in every possible way, have Two-Factor Authentication enabled.

A lot of online services these days are implementing this feature. Buffer was the last service to enable this feature after they were compromised.

For those of you who don’t know what Two-Factor Authentication is you can read my article here. I explain what Two-Factor Authentication, different types of authentication and the sites that support it.

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Evad3rs! And the buzz surrounding the Evasion Jailbreak tool

It’s a big day for everyone is the jailbreak community. Starting from the release of evasion Jailbreak tool by the evad3rs team, and ending up with a lot of angry tweets about what appears to be a Chinese AppStore bundled into the Jailbreak and it offers pirated apps. So how all of this happened? How the hell did a Chinese AppStore ended up is in the Jailbreak tool?

Who are the evad3rs team?

The evad3rs team are: * Nikias Bassen @pimskeks * PlanetBeing @planetbeing * Pod2G @pod2g * MuscleNerd @musclenerd The team first came popular when they released iOS 6 Jailbreak in Feb. 4th, 2013. It was like a hurricane hit the Jailbreak community bcuz they were the first to break iOS 6, and that was after a lot of announcement that the team was working on it, and there was a countdown on their website, so imagine what it felt like when, from out of no where, from the middle of nothing, no news, no tweets, nothing, the team managed to crack open iOS 7 and release a Jailbreak tools in the time for Christmas for all the Jailbreakers our there.

Here comes Jay Freeman

Jay Freeman aka @saurik or the Father of Cydia posted this interesting tweet after the release of the Evasion Jailbreak tool:

This tweet was like the flame that started the fire in the Jailbreak community, it’s really weird to see that the father of

Cydia had nothing to do with this new Jailbreak and didn’t even test it, and what’s more interesting is his next tweet:

The Cydia build inside the Evasion Jailbreak tool is not official, and doesn’t have the latest updates and fixes, so this make Jailbreakers ask them self if it’s safe to Jailbreak at this time. But it didn’t stop there!

So what happened next?

After couple of hourse from the evasi0n7 release, Paul Haddad the developer of TweetBot twitter client sent out a tweet saying that there’s a news about the evad3rs getting paid 1 million dollar from a Chinese company:

And another tweet from

Jay Freeman aka @saurik saying that when you Jailbreak your iOS device with the language set to Chinese, the Evasion Jailbreak tool will automatically install a Chinese AppStore called TaiG with pirated/cracked apps. This mean that paid apps are available for free on that Chinese AppStore, and this is something the Jailbreak community don’t like.

This made a lot of people angry, specially the

evad3rs team, and according to @Pod2g the team decided to remotely disable the install of TaiG the Chinese AppStore:

After that the

evad3rs team released a statement regarding all the buzz surrounding the release of their Evasion Jailbreak tool

You can read the

statement here And Jailbreakers were praying that all of this is over now, but yeah things don’t always go the way you want. The war has just began

TaiG the AppStore the Malware

Translation to what’s written on TaiG website:

Hearing the good news / share to fellow prisoners / We try to do more for the Chinese users, in this latest jailbreak release, we began offering a new mobile version of tai chi assistant, allowing you to more easily install applications / plug-ins, manage mobile and sources. We will continue to update, to provide better service. * Evad3rs & Tai Chi Now after all of this madness with the Chinese AppStore

TaiG, rumores started to come out, specially viruses and maleware rumores. Like these tweets from: Sawyer Pangborn @spangborn

GeoHot, he started it, and he ended it!!!

For those of you who don’t know who’s GeoHot, his real name is George Francis Hotz aka GeoHot. He was the first person to Jailbreak the first iPhone, to be more specific, he was the first one to unlock it.

When the first iPhone came out, it used to work only with AT&T, but geohot had T-Mobile family plan, and since all of his friends bought the iPhone, he wanted to use it too without changing his carrier, so he did, that’s it, he cracked open the iPhone, and hacked his way into a square sliver of black plastic called a baseband processor, the chip that limited the carriers with which it could work. You can read the full story on The New Yorker. According to this article from iDownloadBlog geohot closed his twitter account 2 years ago and now his back @tomcr00se He tweeted congratulating the evad3rs team for their work and for releasing the Evasion Jailbreak tool first, bcuz they were in a race on who will release the Jailbreak tool first.

And in another article from The Verge which is about geohot but not about the Jailbreak or the iPhone, it appears that geohot is actually a rapper, and he have couple of tracks on his Soundcloud profile that you can listen to here, and to be honest he does look like Eminem. Going back to jailbreak related news from Geohot, he did something to end this madness, he wrote exactly what happenes when you Jailbreak your iOS device using the evad3rs Evasion Jailbreak tool. And according to him there’s no malware being installed on iOS devices when you Jailbreak it.

He said and I quote:

I found nothing sketchy in my reversing, your phones most likely aren’t being backdoored by Chinese. So as you can see here, he did put an end to all this madness and all the buzz surrounding the TaiG Chinese app.

Is this all over now?

Translation from the site:

Thanks for bricking* our devices on Christmas Thanks for bundling TaiG Seeing as you guys have got the money to “partner” with the Evad3rs Why not do the community a service? You guys should replace the bricked* devices for free This is a huge letdown, you guys have defeated the whole ideology behind jailbreaking Can’t you guys just stop challenging how low users are willing to go? No!!! First of between all of this there was a leaked audio recording of geohot, The removed link of the audio recording is currently listed on Google’s list of known phishing sites. in this audio recording that was first posted in reddit, you can hear Geohot Talking to Someone in The JB Community, Negotiating Sale of iOS 7 Jailbreak, and it was reported by iClarified. Then there was some news on reddit saying that TaiG related domain hacked and defaced. And now there’s this tweet:

So yeah, I guess the madness is not going to end!!!

Walt Mossberg leaving All Things D

Today Walt Mossberg announced on his twitter account that he wrote his last article for All Things D, after 22 years writing tech reviews in one of the biggest website The Wall Streat Journal, and his planes to start his own tech news website with Kara Swisher.

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Spotify is planning to release a free on demand service for mobile

According to the Wall Street Journal Spotify is planning on releasing a free on demand service for mobile users.

With it users can listen on demand for music they want but also they will be a target for ads.

Spotify already have a free radio for mobile users that works like Pandora and iTunes Radio so it’s unclear yet what’s the company is going to do about it and what changes it could make.

These news comes 1 day after Beats Music started advertising for it’s own music streaming service.

The competition is clearly started to get intense in the streaming service industry between Spotify, Beats Music, and Google Music, and also the soon to be available in the US Deezer.
All of them trying to lure people with their own unique features.

From: The Verge, Source: The Wall Streat Journal

Drones are coming to your front door with Amazon PrimeAir

Have you ever imagined that one day while your walking on the street you will see drones flying high in the sky with product being shipped directly to the buyers house?
Well I guess we should perpair ourself for this Bcuz Jeffrey P. Bezos the CEO of Amazon started working on a new service called Amazon Prime Air and it’s gonna happen soon…like in 4 to 5 years soon.

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