Speedlify on Netlify with GitHub Actions

Speedlify on Netlify with GitHub Actions

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If you scroll down to the bottom of this site you should see 4 green circles. Those are generated using Speedlify and displayed on the site using Speedlify Score.

What is Speedlify? It’s a benchmarking tool to measure site performance created by Zach Leatherman, the creator of Eleventy SSG.

In the background, Speedlify uses Google’s Lighthouse which calculate the speed of a website based on 4 categories:

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • SEO

Each category has multiple checks that must be passed to get a full score.

In the Speedlify repository, I can use the one-click Deploy to Netlify button to spin my own Speedlify website.

Netlify only offers 300 minutes per month build time, and according to Zack there’s a maximum of 15 minutes per Speedlify build.

More pages to test + More test runs = More time used.

While GitHub Actions on the other hand offer unlimited build time for public repositories and 2000 minutes per month for private repositories.

After doing a little bit of research about Speedlify, I came across this repository that allow me to use GitHub Actions to build AND deploy my Speedlify site to GitHub Pages.

So I modified it in a way that will allow me to have the best of both worlds. Use GitHub Actions to build Speedlify, and then deploy it to Netlify. This way, I wouldn’t use my Netlify build minutes.

I made my workflow public on GitHub as a template so you can use it too.

With Speedlify Actions Netlify, I wouldn’t need to worry about how many sites I test with Speedlify, or the amount of tests I run daily.