1Password 5 Review for iOS 8

1Password 5 Review for iOS 8

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Have I said before how much I love 1Password?

It’s weird that I didn’t mention that in my previous 1Password review that I wrote a while ago. Well, I’m saying it now, I love 1Password! Everything about the app is just perfect, beginning with it’s design, features and ending with how easy it is to use.

This goes for both 1Password for Mac and iOS and even though the previous update doesn’t have one of the most important feature of the desktop version. No need to worry now though, because after the latest update to 1Password for iOS 8 all of this was changed, for good.

Now the guys at AgileBits has given users a big update to 1Password that brought one of the most requested features and most used feature of 1Password on desktop. 1Password extension for Safari, so let’s take a look at it.

Here’s my 1Password 5 Review:

Now logging in to your accounts from Safari is easier than ever, with the brand new 1Password extension for Safari you can actually login to your accounts with one-tap which is awesome.

1Password extension + Safari: #


Something 1Password desktop users have enjoyed for a long time now is the one-click login feature using 1Password extension for any major web browser. Thanks to iOS 8, iPhone and iPad users are able to enjoy this feature too.

Using Safari for iOS, now you’re able to login to any site using your credentials that you saved to 1Password by tapping on the sharing sheet and selecting 1Password.

Another option that 1Password introduced is the ability to login to your favorite apps using 1Password, if the developer of that app supported it.

According to 1Password blog, hundreds of developers are implementing this feature in their apps. Below are some of my favorite apps that have this feature:

Unlock 1Password with your fingerprint: #


Thanks to TouchID now you can unlock your 1Password using your finger print. This will absolutely make opening 1Password faster, especially for me because my Master Password is so long, but also sadly I have an iPhone 4…let’s move along.

1Password is free for all: #


Yes that’s right 1Password is now Free for everyone with $9.99 IAP, doing this ensures that 1Password will be used by more people:

We believe every man, woman, and child needs to save time and get secure online. This release is another big step towards making that dream reality.

There’s more new features that you can read about at the AgileBits blog post.

All I can say is that the 1Password team has done an amazing job with this new update. It makes the 1Password experience truly seamless between all platforms, thanks to the new 1Password extension.

I’m not sure what people liked the most, the app now being free or the 1Password extension?

Personally, the extension for sure, I’ve used 1Password for desktop and iOS for as long as I can remember. I love supporting great ideas and the great developers behind these amazing apps that make my day to day on iOS much easier and faster.

1Password 5 is available now in the AppStore for Free with $9.99 IAP.