AirDroid Review: How to Sync Android Notifications with Mac

AirDroid Review: How to Sync Android Notifications with Mac

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Sometimes my Android phone is a bit far from my reach and I have received an “important” SMS that I need to access in 30 seconds1. Instead of having to go grab my phone from the other room, unlock it, open the SMS app, read the code, memories and then type it on my MacBook. I have found another, much easier way to do all of this right from my MacBook using an app called AirDroid that allows me to Sync Android Notifications with Mac as well as having full access to my Android device.

Meaning that as soon as that SMS is received on my Android phone, I will get a notification on my MacBook. I can copy part of it like the TFA code or reply to it if it’s a person I’m talking with.

AirDroid Review #

We’ve all had one of those days where you’re working on your MacBook in the living room and you need to access that SMS on your Android phone but you left it in the bedroom. What do you do?

Well, with AirDroid, you can access it right from your Mac. It’s super easy and cost you nothing.

AirDroid doesn’t stop here, it goes even beyond notifications. You can get full access to your phone from your Mac if you use their app or the web client which is really powerful and you can do almost anything with it.

AirDroid Features #

Mirroring Notifications #

Like we’ve been discussing, this is the feature which allows you to Sync Android Notifications with Mac so you won’t miss a thing. It works with every notification you receive on your phone and you can see a list of all received notifications using the AirDroid desktop client.

Send Messages #

AirDroid allows you to send messages from apps like the default SMS app, Telegram, WhatsApp, Kik, Line and even emails.

Receive phone calls #

You can answer and reject phone calls through your Mac or PC but the talking has to be done on your Android device. You can also send pre-made or custom SMS messages telling the caller that you will call them later.

Notifications actions support #

Sometimes you just want to archive or delete an email right away without opening. This is the feature for you, allowing you to take actions on your phone right from your desktop.

File Transfer #

Remember the full access to your phone that I mentioned above? Well, this is it. You can get full access to every file and folder inside your phone’s built-in memory, as well as the memory card if you have one inserted. Allowing you to transfer all kinds of files and folders to and from your phone to your desktop.


AirMirror #

Mirror everything you see on your Android phone to your desktops. Take screenshots or record video of everything you see. This helps you make video tutorials about apps or broadcast your gameplay.


AirIME #

Type on your Android phone using your desktop’s keyboard. Not sure why, but you do have this feature.

Remote Camera #

You can use your phone camera to monitor things or as a security camera. Record what you see through it or take screenshots.

Web app #

All the features we talked about above can be accessed through the AirDroid desktop app. But there is the possibility of needing to access them on a computer that doesn’t belong to you, using a user account with no privileges that allow you to install an app. The daunting question, what do you do?

The AirDroid web app comes to the rescue. By simply visiting AirDroid web app using any browser, on any system, you will get access to all the features we mentioned above, including a clipboard feature that allows you to paste the text you copied on your phone to your computer and vice versa. Plus, you don’t have to reveal your password, you can easily just scan a QR Code and you will have granted that browser, for that session only (until the browser is closed) a full access to your phone.

There is some limitation to this feature which you need to be aware of:

  • The web app doesn’t support mirroring notifications.
  • AirMirror feature through the web app requires you to download a Google Chrome extension and to connect your Android phone to the desktop using a USB cable.
  • If you use AirDroid web app with an iOS device, the site is forced to redirect itself to an HTTP version instead of the HTTPS version used when you access an Android device.

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Account Tiers #

There are three types of account: Personal Basic, Personal Pro & Business. Below, I will explain the features that each account type has:

Personal Basic #

For a regular user who wants to manage up to 2 devices and get access to features like:

  • File Transfer
  • AirMirror
  • AirIME
  • SMS
  • AirDroid web client
  • Remote data quota: 200MB/month
  • Individual file size limit: 30MB

Personal Pro #

The Personal Pro plan gives you everything in the Personal plan as well as:

  • Remote Camera
  • Folder Transfer
  • Remove Ads
  • Disable connection alerts on the phone
  • Find Phone
  • Remote data quota: Unlimited
  • Individual file size limit: 100MB(Web) – 1GB(PC)

Business #

The business account is used to manage a large number of devices at the same time. These devices are not limited to phone, but pretty much any device that runs Android. This account contains all the features you will get in the Personal Pro plan along with:

  • Multiple Groups: Organize and manage devices based on groups like Region and Type of devices used
  • Multiple Roles: Assign a role to each device- Admin, Team Member, and Viewer
  • Manage more than 500 concurrent connections

How to Sync Android Notifications with Mac #

Now we will discuss How to Sync Android Notifications with Mac in order to receive notifications from an SMS or chatting app like WhatsApp.

The process is really easy and simple to follow:

Step 1 #

Download the app on Android


Step 2 #

Download the desktop client on Mac or Windows


Step 3 #

Sign up for a free account

Step 4 #

Log in to your account on your Android phone and desktop client


Step 5 #

On a desktop, there’s nothing that you need to configure, but on your Android device, go to Tools > Desktop Notif and make sure that it’s enabled and the settings suit your needs.


And that’s pretty much it. You just learned How to Sync Android Notifications with Mac using AirDroid and now, whenever you get a notification on your Android device, you will also receive it on your Mac.

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Support #

While using the app, I had a tiny issue that triggered Little Snitch. The issue was that AirDroid Mac app has two different signatures. I had one saved in LS and when I downloaded a newer version of the app, LS triggered a warning. It stated that the signature was different from the one already used in the AirDroid version currently installed on my Mac.

I contacted AirDroid to make sure this new signature belonged to them. It sure did. I got my answer quickly and professionally.

I contacted them through DMs on Twitter. It’s good to know they are active on there and ready to help you with any issue you might be facing.

Pricing #

As we discussed before, AirDroid offers three types of accounts, each has a price:

  • Personal Basic is free for everyone and it’s limited to 2 devices, 200MB/month and file size of 30MB.
  • Personal Pro cost $1.99/month or $1.67/month billed annually $19.99.
  • Business plan: you will need to contact them.

Conclusion #

Having AirDroid is like having a virtual replica of your Android phone that lives on your desktop. A real, fully functioning replica which you can interact with.

Kinda like Continuity, a feature that Apple developed for its iPhone users, but much better.

Hopefully, my AirDroid Review gives you a good idea about all the cool features that AirDroid will allow you to perform. Now, go ahead and give it a try, it’s going to be really useful.

  1. I am talking about TFA SMS :P ↩︎