Authy Introduces Authy Extension for Google Chrome

Authy Introduces Authy Extension for Google Chrome

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Authy is a Two Factor Authentication app for iOS & Android done the right way.

It’s the reason why I’ve ditched Google Authenticator app like I’ve never ditched anything before.

A while ago I wrote a detailed review about it, explaining all the things that made me switch from Google Authenticator.

How to setup Authy on multiple devices, and displayed how Authy can even protect your WordPress site by using Authy Plugin.

Now Authy is Back again with another great configuration, An App & Extension for Google Chrome users. It will allow you to view all of your Tokens in a very easy way, inside a very beautiful and well designed Extension.

If you haven’t tried Authy yet, what are you waiting for? It’s the best thing that ever happened to accounts security since the invention of passwords. Authy will help you protect your accounts with Two-Factor Authentication, and with the new Authy Extension it will be easier for you to get your tokens on your Desktop.

Start here: #

All you need to do to get started is to install the two App/Extension I put above, one-click installation and you are good to go.

Both of these will complement each other, making Two-Factor Authentication:

a truly seamless experience – Authy Blog

Setting things up: #

Authy Phone Number

After installing Authy Extension, you will be welcomed with this screen asking you to enter your phone number.

If you already have Authy on other devices, please enter the same phone number you used on them to ensure that all your tokens are synced across all devices.

Authy Verification

After entering your phone number, you will be asked to choose which method you want for verification, I chose “Another Device” since I already have Authy installed on my iPhone.

Authy Device Verification

If you chose “Another Device” you will get a notification on your device asking you to approve the new device, so you can view your tokens on your Chrome browser.

Authy Confirm Another Device

Accepting the new device will unlock a new kind of Two-Factor Authentication for you, a kind that before we couldn’t imagine that could exist, especially with Google Authenticator.

It’s a shame that Google is ignoring it’s app, well it’s not the first time Google has done something like this. Google Reader was one of many things that Google decided to put down, and I’m sure it’s not the last one.

Anywho, Authy is here, and it’s capable of changing your life forever.

What’s next: #

Authy Chrome App

Welcome to a whole new kind of Two-Factor Authentication, where the Authy Extension runs seamlessly on your desktop like any other app. Offering the best and the easiest way for you to copy your Two-Factor Authentication token and use it while doing any other thing you are doing…I won’t judge I promise.

The setting inside this extension is similliar to the one found in the iOS app, so I’m not going to talk about them, you can read my full review of Authy iOS app over here.

Desktop Malware and Phishing Attacks: #

Authy Phishing Attacks

If you are concerned about your Authy account or if your computer got infected with malware, or if you became a victim of phishing attacks, then don’t.

Authy is way ahead of these two concerns, Authy Extension comes with Phishing Detection right out of the box:

To use Phishing Detection, users only need to download the Authy Chrome Extension which acts as a complement to the App. This extension gives Authy the ability to access all active tabs in the browser and verify them against a whitelist of official urls for a variety of sites.

So, when a user attempts to view/copy an authentication token for a site, if the site’s whitelisted url is not open on the user’s tabs, we will warn him of a possible phishing attack. – Authy Blog

And here you go guys, Authy has done it again, by making Two-Factor Authentication a very easy thing to do even on your desktop.

The guys behind Authy really did a great job making Two-Factor Authentication available for more people out there, and helping them secure their accounts, and for that I would like to say: Thank you Authy for being such an Awesome company.