Authy Two Factor Authentication for WordPress Plugin Review

Authy Two Factor Authentication for WordPress Plugin Review

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Authy recently announced that they are deprecating their WordPress Plugin. An alternative would be the Two-Factor WordPress Plugin by George Stephanis or Keyy

Keeping your site secure is a very important thing to do because you don’t want anyone to just get an access to your site and mess things up for you that you’ve built over the years.

There’s many ways to do that, you can change the permalink to your login page, choose a strong password, delete the default “Admin” user, Password Protect wp-login.php and one of my favorite is to add Two Factor Authentication.

I wrote about Authy many times, herehere and here. Authy is the best Two Factor Authentication app available on all devices and platform.

Authy offer great API for developers to take advantage of, with the ability to enable Two Factor Authentication for OpenVPN and for SSH.

The Authy Two Factor Authentication for WordPress Plugin add a second layer of security onto your WordPress login page, so when you submit your username and password, you will get notified on your mobile device to enter your Two Factor Authentication token.

Authy WordPress login

You can also use Authy Chrome extension to run Authy on your desktop, Whether you are using Mac, Linux or Windows.

In the settings of the Authy Plugin, you will be able to set who uses Two Factor Authentication, for Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber and the ability to “Disable external apps that don’t support Two-factor Authentication”.

And that’s it, download it, activate it and you are good to go with a more secure site that is harder to breach.

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