Feedja new feed reader service

Feedja new feed reader service

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Ater the death of Google Reader, a lot of new Feed Reader Services was born, Services like Fever By Shaun Inman / Feed Wrangler By David Smith / Feedly and many-many more.

Today i have a new Feed Reader Service, a Service that you can call the best alternative for Feedly.

Today i’m going to talk about Feedja By Armin Ulrich.

Feedja is no longer available.

What is Feedja? #

Feedja Main Menu

Feedja is a new simple, minimal, NO BS, Feed Reader Service, that allow you to add – manage and read your news from the web and your iOS device.

What’s different about Feedja? #

EASY ACCESS: All you need is your email address and pick up a strong password, you can use 1Password for that.

Feedja Article View

MINIMAL: Very simple and beautiful design, that helps you focus on the content you’re reading. With Feedja you will get a beautiful big thumbnail of your articles, three*three column, a nice sidebar on the left to switch between your feeds.

APP SUPPORT: Feedja now only supported by Mr. Reader on the iPad, but soon to support other apps on multiple platform.

Update: Now Fiery Feeds Support Feedja too, Make sure to check it out. Fiery Feeds iPhone Fiery Feeds for iPad

Why use Feedja? #

I would recommend Feedja to anyone who’s looking for a fast, simple, and minimal Feed Reader that get’s the job done the right way, and since its supported by the best iPad RSS Reader out there, then you are guaranteed to have the best reading experience on your iPad.

Feedja Status: #

If you would like to see some status from Feedja, then make sure to check this page to see some cool status about Feedja.