Filament – The Best Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Filament – The Best Sharing Plugin for WordPress

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The people behind Filament build one of The Best Sharing Plugin for WordPress when they had the idea to turn one plugin into multiple apps, and make a better web.

Filament turns ideas into reality, a vision about the future of the web into a breathtaking design, with its great and amazing apps that can be installed easily on your website.

A better web is our goal with Filament

Filament allows you to add extra functions to your site in the easiest way, functions from an astonishing Sharing Sheet / An easy to use Quotes Sharing Sheet / a beautifully designed Profile widget / and a solution to add a code to your site without the need to FTP into your site.

One plugin to rule them all #


All you have to do to get Filament up and running is to create your account, get your code snippet, download the only plugin you will ever need, and paste the code snippet inside, test the connection between your site and the Filament service, and you should be good to go.


Adding Filament apps is an easy thing to do, with a lot of customization to each app. And Filament is adding cool new apps, first it start as an idea that you and other people can vote on, and when reached the needed amount of votes, the idea turns into reality and the developers behind Filament make sure to execute their codes to make the app work just as its described, and give you the freedom to customize the app to make it match your site.

Filament is free and you should give it a try, bcuz i’m sure there’s something for you.