Hider 2 Review: How to Hide Files on Mac

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We all hide files on Macs and PCs. It could be those important documents, that secret project on AutoCAD that you’re working on. It could be serial numbers or notes you don’t want anyone reading.

At first, you may think you don’t need an app that can hide files for you. Maybe you feel you have nothing to hide. Maybe. However, after using your Mac for a while, you may think differently. We all have something that we keep for ourselves, away from wandering your eyes.

As a Mac user, I prefer to do this in a beautiful manner. I enjoy having the ability to use a beautifully designed app that reflects the beauty of the MacBook and the OS I’m currently using.

So let’s learn How to Hide Files on Mac using Hider 2 by MacPaw #

Hider 2 is developed by MacPaw, an independent software development company known for their great app CleanMyMac that helps you clean your Mac from logs, caches, uninstall apps and free up space on your hard disk.

Hider 2 is the new name of the old beloved app MacHider. It allows you to hides files and notes on your Mac in one click.

Hider 2 Welcome Screen-Create a Vault

The beauty of this app is shown from the second you install it. It begins with the design of the icon. Once you’ve opened it and have managed your way through the “Welcome Screen” that shows you what Hider 2 can do for you. It will end with you choosing a password to lock down the app.

Hider 2’s method of hiding your files will be to encrypt them so that anyone who doesn’t have your password, won’t be able to see them at all.

Below is what MacPaw has to say about their AES-256 encryption:

AES-256 encryption is what Hider 2 uses on every file to keep it safe. When your file is hidden, the data is scrambled up with a cipher key — sort of like A=1, B=2, etc. However, it’s much more complex than that. The data is then shuffled and converted into a long string of text. No one will be able to make sense of your data.

Hider 2 External Drives Encrypt Support

Another great feature of Hider 2 is the ability to encrypt data on your external drive. It will add the files on your external drive inside the app, you can encrypt them and make sure no one has access to them.

Oh, but, it doesn’t end there. The app also helps you organize your data into groups as well as support for Tags that your Mac’s Finder already has. You can also add secure notes and hide an entire folder, which is a great feature and really helpful in some cases.

Hider 2 Screenshot - View with Files

Hiding files and folders is easy, you can choose files from the app itself. You can drag and drop them onto the app, plus Hider 2 also supports hiding files from the contextual menu, just right click and hide your files.

In case of an emergency, don’t worry. If you want to hide your files quickly that you’ve already added to Hider 2, you’ll need to activate the shortcuts for hiding and locking the files. When you need them, just press them away on your keyboard and your data is safe.

Hider 2 Menu Assistant

On top of that, the app gives you the ability to reach for your files in a very quick way. The Menu Bar lets you access many options like hiding, locking files, opening a specific folder or file and locking your app along with search.

Hider 2 is a really great app, from its design to its function. It works great, its a must have for all Mac users.

The OS X 10.8 compatible app is available on the Mac App Store for just $19.99 or you can give it a shot and download the 15 day full-featured trial so you can see what the app can do for you.