How to watch Netflix outside the US using Unlocator

How to watch Netflix outside the US using Unlocator

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Do you have a US Netflix account but you live outside the US and you are not able to use it? Do you wanna watch Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, or listen to Pandora, turntable, or Songza outside the us? Unlocator is the answer for you to do all of that and even more … Way more!

I always look for the best and easy way to keep my Netflix experience as smooth as possible, so I can watch tv shows and movies in High Definition, and bcuz I live outside the US I find my self using a slow VPN that kills the quality of movie that I’m watching.

And the best way to a good Netflix experience is a good DNS service and there’s a new player in the DNS market, It’s called Unlocator, a DNS service company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

And now i’m going to tell you how to watch netflix outside the us

Creating an account and setting it up is easy! #

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All you have to do is Sign up For Free (Unlocator is still in beta and it’s free for now), then go to your account and check your IP address status, and change your DNS to match their DNS in couple of easy steps depending on what device you are using.

All devices are supported! #

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Unlocator support all popular devices and they have a great tutorial guide page on how to change your DNS based on the device you are using. From your iPhone to your iPad and Android device, on a PC or Mac, Roku or even the new Chromecast, they are all supported.

Watching Netflix Mexico in the US #

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Unlocator also have a great feature that you can use, if you have a US Netflix account but you are interested to see what other Netflix users from Mexico, Canada, or Sweden are watching, you can do that with couple of clicks on your mouse. It’s really great feature and easy to use, and it will allow you to watch all great movies and shows on Netflix from all supported location (Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands Norway, Sweden, UK)

So many channels supported! #

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You don’t have Netflix, but you have hulu? Don’t worry, a lot of popular streaming services are supported. Hulu, abc, amazon video, Crackle, Showtime, history channel … And the list go on. And if you are a music fan then don’t worry, Unlocator got you cover with many music channels like: Pandora, Google music, Songza, turntable, Slacekr Radio, MTV, and of course MUCHMUSIC, So go now and give it a try and believe me you will not regret it, it’s fast, easy and simple, in other word, it’s everything you need to watch US Netflix outside the US.