LaunchKey – Two-Factor Authentication solution

LaunchKey – Two-Factor Authentication solution

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Long time ago i wrote about Clef a secure way to access your WordPress site and Authy a great alternative for Google Authenticator app, two of my favorite apps for securing my self online, Both of these services do a great job doing what they do, and now i’m going to talk about another Two-Factor Authentication solution that does what both of these services do at the same time.

What is LaunchKey #


LaunchKey is #1 cyber security company on AngelList, All the way from Las Vegas LaunchKey is trying to make securing your digital life an easy thing, by giving you the ability to add Two-factor authentication to your accounts.

The Platform #

1- LaunchKey Mobile #

LaunchKey Devices

An easy to use, beautiful looking, cross platform app to control your accounts.

LaunchKey Mobile app is available for: iOS / Android / Windows Phone.

Download the app, and take control over your accounts, by accepting and rejecting login requests, add new accounts, and view your accounts tokens.

2- LaunchKey Engine #

Secure your WordPress site with LaunchKey Engine by downloading this plugin, and follow this tutorial and your site site will be secured.

From now on, you won’t need your WordPress username or password, the only thing you need is your LaunchKey username, and a swipe of your finger to grant yourself an access to your site.

3- OTP Authenticator #


LaunchKey will give you the ability to get a one-time passwords for your Google, GitHub, DropBox…etc accounts, and with LaunchKey Mobile app, you will be able to view your token.

In order to Enable OTP you need to follow couple of steps, after that take a look at Josh Davis’s Two Factor Authenticator list to see all the services that you use and support OTP, and make sure to enable all of them to secure your accounts.

I’ve been using LaunchKey for couple of months now and i really like what it have to offer, if you want your digital life to be more secure then LaunchKey is way to go.