MailDeck Review: A Gorgeous Looking Mail App for iOS

MailDeck Review: A Gorgeous Looking Mail App for iOS

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Since the day Mailbox arrived on iOS, I didn’t think that I would need another Mail App on iOS, that’s all changed when I started this website. I had to manage more emails coming my way and in order to do that I started the hunt for the perfect Email App on iOS that support IMAP.

Sadly Mailbox doesn’t support it yet, they told me that they would do it soon but until now there’s nothing.

Then I discovered MailDeck, a gorgeous looking app that support IMAP. The app is indescribable.

Here’s my MailDeck Review:

What caught my attention to MailDeck is the colorful design, the app is full of bright color and customization that will make your inbox more personal.

Setting up an account might seem a lot of work, but for people who like to organize and customize everything, I think it’s worth it.


The first time you launch the app you will need to setup an account, not your email, but an account that can hold multiple email at once, for example: a personal account for all your personal emails, and a work account for all of your work emails.

All you need to do is pick up a name, a profile pic, theme color/photo and as an extra option you can enable a passcode that you can adjust to be prompt instantly after you exit the app or after 1/10 min – 1 hour or manually.

Accounts MailDeck

After that a beautiful card will appear on the main menu asking you to sign in, again not your email account but to your app account, you tap sign in, enter the passcode and you are inside the app.

From there you can swipe from left to right to reveal the side tray which contain your email folders, notifications and the settings.

Slide MailDeck

Adding an email is easy, the app support Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL and any other IMAP email.

The process of adding an email is simple and familiar to any other email app on iOS with an extra option again for customization to pick the color of your inbox.

So what do I like about the app?

  • The sleek design.
  • A Preview mode that will allow you to look at the email without even opening.
  • The animations are so smooth and the app in general is so fast even on old devices like my iPhone 4.

There’s helpful shortcuts for each email that will let you to star, delete or mark the email as a task, and on each email you will also find three vertical stripes, these will allow you to drag and drop your email into folders for management by tapping and holding on it.

Another great feature in MailDeck is search, which is as powerful as Google’s Gmail search. It will let you search through your email, attachments and contacts, and the ability to filter your search so you can easily find what you are looking for.

MailDeck is a free app. It also have a premium package for more features:

  1. Exchange Email
  2. Remove Ads
  3. Customize the email signature

There’s 2 way to get these premium features: $4.99 a year or $14.99 one time only.

If you asked me, both of these are really cheep, but I would go with the 1st one because I’m not sure for how long MailDeck is going to stay, or if something better came in the future.

MailDeck is hands down the best looking email app on iOS. The only time I felt excited about a great design of an app was when I tried Flipboard on my iPhone and iPad, and now I feel the same excitement again all thanks to Mike’s remarkable design, which makes all other email apps on iOS looks too mainstream and too old.

For more great gifs make sure to check out this article: “Tips to Create a Great UI and Animations” by Jay Freeman Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at MailDeck