Microsoft OneNote Publisher WordPress Plugin Review

Microsoft OneNote Publisher WordPress Plugin Review

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This might sound weird, but I’m writing this article in OneNote to test out the newly released Microsoft OneNote Publisher WordPress Plugin, which allow you to import your notes to WordPress and then publish them.

I want to see if my format will still look the same, and if it’s easy to use, and If it actually work.

Let’s see how it will go

Installing the plugin is easy, just like any other plugin, you just search for it and install it, but setting it up isn’t straight forward, you don’t activate it and “Click Here” to login, but instead you will need to login to your Microsoft account Developer Center and create a new app to get MSA ClientID and MSA Client Secret. But Microsoft did provide and easy step by step guide to do that so don’t worry much.

OneNote WordPress Plugin Button

After that you are good to go. Go Where? Go to add a new post, because that’s where the OneNote button ((so purplly looking)) will be, clicking on it will pop-up a new window asking you to give permission to get access to your notes…sorry OneNotes.

OneNote WordPress Plugin Notes Browsing Window

The same window will become your OneNote notes browser, inside you will be able to see all your notebooks and notes, and with one click you can import them with the title inside the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress.

But what about the pictures? #

If you are like me and you upload a lot of pictures, then you can rest assured that your precious pictures will be imported to your WordPress Media Library, but One thing to **Note **that although the pictures has been imported to your site’s server, the actual pictures used in the imported note will be from the OneNote’s server, which is weird since the plugin did import them, then why it didn’t use them?

That’s a mystery that no one will ever know…until Microsoft release an update maybe!

What About formatting? #

OneNote WordPress Plugin Imported Document Format

It’s pretty horrible. When you import the well formatted note from OneNote to your WordPress site, the formatting of it will get messy. No line breaks and the note seems to be aligned to the left in a weird way, good thing hyperlinks are imported, thank god for that.

Conclusion Time #

Here’s what Microsoft wrote on the description of their WordPress Plugin:

 When you’re ready to publish, simply pick a page and hit publish from this simple add-in.

But they forgot to say: Plus waste some of your valuable time re-formatting the note so it will look better than what we thought. Oh and sorry for the photos link inconvenience, but you have to add them one by one all again if you want them to be served from your server.

This Plugin ain’t for me, I don’t see my self using it all thanks to the formatting and image issues.

You can give it a shot your self and download it from the WordPress Plugin Repository here.