How to move WordPress media library to new host

How to move WordPress media library to new host

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I’ve recently talked about how I moved this site to Lightning Base. In the process of moving, I was worried about one thing only: How am I going to move WordPress media library to new host?

I’ve always been interested in trying the free migration offer from hosting companies but when I stop for a moment to think about the requirements, I quickly cancel the idea from my head because it involves giving my site credentials to a stranger so they can access my site.

One popular way to move WordPress media library to new host is by using the official WordPress Importer Plugin but it has a tiny issue for XML files with a lot of media files. It simply doesn’t work.

Taking a look at the reviews, you will see that many people get frustrated when they try to use the plugin to import their media files because when you try, the request gets timed out due to the amount of text that the server needs to go through, parse and process.

A lot of people suggest splitting the XML into multiple files, but even that didn’t work. I got duplicate media files and I had to start from the beginning.

I did a bit of research and came across a great WordPress plugin that does only one thing. It imports your media files.

Developed by Richard Spencer Piontkowski, Owner & Developer at Toasted Lime, Attachment Importer allows you to move WordPress media library to new host in the most easiest way possible. Without any issue whatsoever, ever.

How does it work?

In order to send and receive data from your XML file to both servers old and new, it uses AJAX so that it doesn’t have to reload the page. The official WordPress Importer Plugin sends a request and waits for the page to load. Once it takes too long, it gets a timeout. With this plugin, thanks to AJAX, the plugin will go through all your media links and import them, without the need for the page to refresh.

How to install and use the Attachment Importer Plugin to move WordPress media library to new host: #


1- Go to your WordPress dashboard and select: Plugins > Add New

WordPress Dashboard Plugins Add New

2- Search for Attachment Importer


3- Install and activate the plugin


4- Go to Tools > Import > Attachment Importer


5- Chose your XML file, which user should these photo be attributed to, and if you would like to add a 5 seconds delay between each requests so that your IP won’t be detected as a DDOS attack.


6- That’s it


I used this plugin recently when I moved my site to Lightning Base and it worked flawlessly and I recommend it to anyone who wants to move WordPress media library to new host.

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