Mr Reader Review

Mr Reader Review

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I have quite an obsession with News apps, particularly RSS Readers. I’ve tried a lot of them: Reeder, Feedly, Newsify, Ziner, Zite, Flipboard and many others. However, none of these apps even come close to my great experience with Mr Reader.

Mr Reader is an RSS reader app developed by Oliver Fürniß from Curious Times.

This app has numerous features that make it unlike other ANY AND ALL RSS readers out there.

So here’s my Mr Reader Review:

Supported RSS Services: #


RSS ServiceFreeProTrial PeriodPrice
Aol Readern/an/an/a
BazQux Readern/a30 days$9
Feedbinn/a14 days$3/month $30/year
FeedHQn/a7 days$12/year
Feedlyn/a$5/month $45/year
Feed Wranglern/a14 days$19/year
Fevern/an/a$30 one time only

What a lengthy list, they all work great. However, Oliver is working hard on adding all the new services that are set to arrive. Sometimes, even before they become accessible to the public. That’s what happened in the case of Feedja, a new RSS feed service that I reviewed before.

Below is Marco’s statement about how fast Mr Reader is when it comes to adding new services:

In the wake of Google Reader’s demise, we now have many feed-sync services with public APIs. All of which are accumulating users and customers, including Feedly, Feedbin, FeedHQ, Feed Wrangler, Fever, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, BazQux, and probably one or two more that launched while I was writing this sentence and somehow already got added to Mr Reader.


Unique Features: #

Mr Reader Setting Menu
Mr Reader Settings MenuWhat it does
SyncronizationManage synced / unread / cached items, Sync behavior.
Articles TableAppearance & Thumbnails settings. Feed Sorting.
Articles ViewFonts, Links behavior & Translation
ServicesSharing options, Bookmarklet, JavaScript Sharing
ThemesChanging & Installing new themes
SoundsChange the tunes for actions and notifications
MiscellaneousExtra options

What makes this app unique from others is it’s many, many features that give you the ability, freedom and option to customize your news reading experience the way you want.

Whether you like reading your news in the morning or at night like an owl, Mr Reader has a great selection of themes that change the look and feel while you are using it.

You have the option to simply create your own theme, and make it look like your favorite apps like Reeder & Twitterrific.

When it comes to sharing Mr Reader’s got you covered. There’s a variety of sharing options and if Oliver didn’t add your service, no worries. You can create your own custom sharing service using URL schemes.

If you like to live on the edge and do some code writing then you are in luck. With the last update, Mr Reader introduced a new way to share articles by executing scripts written in JavaScript.

Oliver’s attention to detail is what makes Mr Reader the best RSS reader out there. It’s awesome, and you can see that with a feature called Subscriptions Checker.

What this feature allows you to do is check your RSS links and see if the feed URL has changed. It also detects if there is anything wrong with it, and with one click you can fix the problem and migrate to the new one. Which means you won’t need to stop reading your favorite site when they fix some changes on their end.

P.S. There’s hidden advanced options available in Mr Reader, in order to access the hidden feature menu, you need to tap and hold on the ‘Gear icon’. icon-gear 

In this menu you will find options to Reorganize Database, Delete Offline Images, Reload Favicons, Delete Pending Actions, Delete Articles Caches, Delete Website Date and Start Theme Editor.

Usability: #

Another great feature about Mr Reader is the ability to use it with one hand, even though it’s on an iPad…for now only, right Oliver?

Mr Reader has it’s control options laid out in a perfect way. It will allow you to switch to the next article with one swipe from the side of the screen.

Whether you are using your left hand or right hand, Mr Reader’s got you covered.

Something that bothered me a lot with the app Reeder (which I personally use on my iPhone) is scrolling through articles I don’t want to read. I have to tap and hold on the article and select, “mark above as read.” With Mr Reader, you really don’t need to worry about that. Scroll down through your articles and it will automatically mark them as read.

This is extremely, extremely helpful.

The search feature in Mr Reader is very helpful as well. I use it when I have a lot of unread news accumulated. You don’t necessarily need to go through each feed and article, all you have to do is a simple search for the subject. Choose to read your article and mark the rest as read.

Should I buy it? #

Absolutely, don’t even think twice about it.

Mr Reader is really the best app out there for reading and managing your RSS Feed. It will definitely make your life easier.

Mr Reader is available in the AppStore for $3.99

Alternatives: #

There’s plenty, but it also depends on what RSS Service you use. The most popular apps available now are Reeder by Silvio Rizzi and Unread by Jared Sinclair.

Both are great, but to be honest, I’ve only tried Reeder since I use it in my iPhone. You can read Stephen’s review at 512 Pixels of Unread and Federico’s review at MacStories of Reeder.