Nuzzel Review: Do not Miss the News on Twitter

Nuzzel Review: Do not Miss the News on Twitter

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Reading news is something I do everyday. I try not to miss out on anything at all, but let’s face it, it’s hard to read everything these days due to the huge amount of info and news being thrown at us each hour if not each minute.

People solved this by subscribing to the sites they like using RSS Services like InoReader, Feedja, FeedlyFeed Wrangler…etc, some people use apps that curate the news for them like: Flipboard, Pulse and SmartNews.

But there’s a problem with both of these options, RSS Services are not up to the second, and apps that curate the news for you, don’t always show you what you want or what’s relevant to you.

I solved this issue by using Twitter as a main source for news, it’s great, all my friends use it, many news site and news stations share their articles and breaking news on it, it’s perfect. But there’s also a tiny problem here, I follow 947 person on Twitter, I do my best to read all their tweets but sometimes things get out of hand, especially in case of breaking news or big evets like every time there’s an Apple event.

You can solve this problem in many ways, you can create lists and add group of people that you always want to keep an eye on, you can favorite tweets to read them later, and something I do all the time is to send any link I find interesting to Pocket.

That’s great and all but, at the end I’m only a human, and I need to sleep, this mean that I will lose about 6 to 7 hours of news each day, and since I live in Turkey and with the difference of time between Turkey and the United State I lose a good amount of news and sometimes its breaking news.

Here comes Nuzzel to the rescue:

Nuzzel is a simple and easy to use news app. What’s unique about it is that it doesn’t ask you to “select the subject you are intrested in like Flipboard do”, it doesn’t ask you to “like and dislike the articles you see and based on that we will show you more content that we think you are going to love”. Nuzzel Just Works.

Nuzzel iOS app Main Menu iPad

But how? Well the answer is simple, It knows what you want and what you are interested in because it simply collect all the links your friends share on Twitter and Facebook. It will then put them in an easy to read news stream, plus it will send you notification when too many people you follow share the same link.

Nuzzel have a lot of great features, one of my favorite is the ability to look at all the tweets that included the link of the article i’m reading.

Nuzzel iOS app Article View

This allow me to see what people are saying regarding this subject, it’s like comments but no one hate it.

But if you really want comment, then you can get them site’s like HackerNews and Reddit, also you can get Related Posts courtesy of Techmeme.

Another thing I like about Nuzzel, is that I can select ‘From’ what time I want to catch up on the news, for example: Everyday when I wake up, I chose to catch up on news from 8 hours, but you can do also 24 hours, or 1 hour, and you can even select any day of the week you are in.

Nuzzel Time Filter

Things don’t stop here for Nuzzel, We know you can catch up on the news from your friends, but you can also catch up on News From Friends of Friends, see News You May Have Missed, and see stories that you’ve recently read.

I personally have Twitter enabled only, because that’s where the real news break, and for read it later service, I have Pocket enabled, and with one click on the button on the left of each article, the link will be send automaticlly to my reading list in Pocket, Plus you have the option to email the link to any of your friends.

Nuzzel iOS app Notification Center Widget

Nuzzel is for those who want to catch up on the news after they finished a long busy day and want to read the top trending news their friends shared on Twitter while sipping some black hot coffee and listening to some relaxing black metal music…YES…RELAXING!!!

Want to see all the news articles I’ve shared on Twitter?

Then check out my Nuzzel Profile.

So at the end, Nuzzel is a NO configuration, NO setup, NO learning curfew, NO bullshit app, Nuzzel just works, sign in to your Twitter account and you are good to go, and I’m sure you will never miss a big story ever again.