Picturelife The right place to backup your photos.

Picturelife The right place to backup your photos.

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For as far as i can remember, i’ve been a Dropbox user, Dropbox does a great job when it comes to backing up my 1Password files, syncing my articles via Byword and general file syncing, but when it comes to Photo management it doesn’t do a great job to be honest, and that’s when Picturelife comes in.

What is Picturelife? #

Picturelife is a photo backup service, that allow you to backup your photos, manage them in albums, edit them on the cloud, and share them with friend, with a perfect User Interface that make it easy to use.

Design #

Picturelife have something that Dropbox doesn’t and its the beautiful UI that make Picturelife really similar to iPhoto. I started using Picturelife long time ago, and i saved most of my pictures to it, and never looked back. What’s great about Picturelife is that you can edit / manage / share your photos using their website and their iOS app.

The iOS app look very similar to their website, which make you feel right at home when you are managing your photos on the go.

To be honest, Picturelife is the iPhoto for the web, it have a photo editing software built inside the service, you can even view Exif information for each photo, and view all your photos on a map to see where you took each picture.

Dropbox to Picturelife #

Screen shot 2014-04-19 at 4.51.17 PM

Recently Picturelife introduced a new option to import all your pictures that you already uploaded to Dropbox and move them to Picturelife. The second i heard about this, i went to my Picturelife account, and moved all my pictures from Dropbox to Picturelife, 5 GB worth of pictures took about less than 5 minutes.

Prices #

When it comes to prices, Picturelife burns Dropbox prices down, literally. When you sign up for a free account, you will get 5GB for free which allow you to upload 1,700 photos, when you decide to upgrade your account you will have two options:

  • Premium 100GB / $7 per Month / 34,000 photos
  • Premium Plus 300 GB / $15 per Month / 100,000 photos

Price Update on July 1 2014:

  • Free 8GB
  • Solo 25GB / $5 per month / $50 per year
  • Family 100GB / $10 per month / $100 per year
  • Unlimited / $15 per month / $150 per year

So that’s everything you need to know about Picturelife, all you have to do to get started is Sign Up using this link.

And If you are a Mac user, You can also download their OSX app to upload photos from your Mac.

You can learn more about Picturelife here