Piwik an open source web analytics

Piwik an open source web analytics

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Piwik, is an Open source alternative to Google Analytics, which provide a detailed analysis for your website. Piwik feels more advanced than Google Analytics bcuz of couple of things:

Installation Process #

In order to install it, you’ll have to download the files and upload them to your Domain directory folder, and then visit the link to that directory and start setting things up. ((It’s not a hard process specially if you followed the steps provided by Piwik here))

Geo Location #

In order to get full Geo Location details for example: the name of the country, region, city, postal code, geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) and area code of an IP address, you will have to download a database provided by a company called MaxMind, luckily these databases are free to use.

After installing Piwik, everything else is simple and easy to follow, and when you are all done, just visit your website, download the WordPress plugin, put the setting you need, and you’re all done.

Click here for Piwik Demo