Pocket Cast is Coming to a Web Browser Near You

Pocket Cast is Coming to a Web Browser Near You

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If you’re a Pocket Cast user you most likely spend most of your time on your laptop browsing the internet, doing research or writing articles like in my case. I’m sure there have been plenty moments where your iOS or Android device was no where in sight when you wanted to listen to a Podcast. Well, now you’re able to do that from your own web browser using Pocket Cast for the web! A brand new addition to the Pocket Cast family, a brand you already know and love.

So let’s take a closer look at Pocket cast for Web:

Pocket Cast Welcome

The design of Pocket Cast web is pretty straight forward. You have your subscription lists on the left and on the right you’ll see all the episodes available for the show you’ve selected. You can also search and subscribe to new shows easily from the top menu and of course, you’ll have the ability to view show notes when you tap on an episode title.

Once you sign into your Pocket Cast account, all of your shows and their position/categories are easily synced to the web.

As you can see the web version of Pocket Cast is still in beta so it lacks some other features from the iOS app. For example, the ability to create filters, receive notifications for a new episode and offline mode.

Pocket Cast Search

I’ve talked with Russell Ivanovic the Co-Founder of Shifty Jelly and asked him, “Why they decided to make Pocket Cast available on the web?”

Since the trend now a days is with iOS and Android apps.

We went mobile first, because we felt that it was the #1 place most people wanted their podcasts. In the car, while walking, on public transport, etc. Once we had mobile covered, it was clear people wanted to listen in other places: Their Chrome OS laptops, their work PCs (where they are not allowed to install software in most cases) and their personal computers. We had been building out our syncing platform all along, so for us the web was the next logical place to go to bring our customers podcasts to more of their devices.

Before Pocket Cast, I honestly didn’t feel like paying for a podcast app. I didn’t even use Apple’s own Podcast app. Why? It’s horrible, it sucks.

Instead, I used Stitcher, a well-known free podcast app that also offers a web version of their service.

What killed the experience for me was their ads and in order to remove them you needed to pay monthly, really? So, I decided to switch to Pocket Cast. I’ve never been happier.

Pocket Cast Price

Pocket Cast web isn’t free. It’s also not expensive, it’s only $9. You only need to pay a one-time-fee for a great podcast player for the web that offers really great and simple UI, no ads and no bullshit.

Sign in, subscribe and enjoy listening to your favorite shows.

Hopefully the guys at Shifty Jelly will add more features soon. It’ll make their service even better. Until then, I believe that the service is worth checking out and worth paying for. Whether you are already invested in their apps on Android or iOS like in my case (or not) there’s no other service out there that offers a great experience on the web.

I believe that Shifty Jelly did a great job with Pocket Cast on all platforms and I can’t wait to see what great updates they’ll add to the app and web version of Pocket Cast.