Pushbullet Review: send files from iPhone to Mac the easy way

Pushbullet Review: send files from iPhone to Mac the easy way

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I always find my self having a file on one device and I need it everywhere else, sure I can use Dropbox to sync it, but I’ve always wanted a solution that could help me achieve the same goal in less time.

That’s when Pushbullet comes in to make you achieve that in the easiest possible way by helping you send files from iPhone to Mac for example (that’s how I use it), with it’s easy to use interface, cross platform compatibility and did I mention that it’s free?!

Here’s my Pushbullet review:

Before Pushbullet was available, I used to struggle all the time trying to move a file from one device to another, my old solution was Dropcopy, an old but great app that sadly doesn’t feel easy to use anymore, and that’s when I wanted to find a better solution.

What is Pushbullet? #

Developed by Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Oldenburg Pushbullet packs a lot of great features inside that will allow you to send Messages, Attachments, Links, Lists and an Address + Text from Clipboard and Photos from your iPhone to your Mac and vice versa.

Pushbullet Website

It has a main Windows app, but that doesn’t mean that it only works on Windows, just like you read in this article, i’m using it on my Mac using the Pushbullet Chrome Extension, and it’s also available for Firefox.

As for mobile devices, Pushbullet is available for iOS and Android both for free.

Pushbullet iPhone App

Extra Bullets! #

Want to do more things with Pushbullet?

You are in luck, thanks to Pushbullet API you can do pretty much anything you want with it.

And you can start by Connecting Pushbullet to IFTTT and Zapier, two of my favorite automation services.

From receiving notifications, the latest news from Lifehacker, to getting alerted when you get a new follower on Twitter, or when your name or site gets mentioned anywhere on the web by using the great service Mention, Pushbullet has no limit at all.

Downside: #

One downside to Pushbullet is that its inbox is not sorted, so you will end up with a lot of things that you’ve send to yourself through out the days, and scrolling through all of them is a bit of hastle and there’s no iPad version of the app, but other than that, the service and it’s iOS app is minimal, easy to use, and fast.

To learn more about Pushbullet make sure to follow Pushbullet blog, or your can be a part of the Pushbullet Sub-Reddit community if you like to participate in beta testing and feature suggestions.