Quotable A new WordPress plugin for people who like to share quotes on Twitter!

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Quotable is a new plugin made by Josiah Sprague.

This plugin put a Twitter bird icon-twitter next to each quote you put in your post.


Yet Another Awesome Quote!

Tapping or Clicking on the icon-twitter allow you to share that quote on Twitter, or you can select a text from an article, again this icon-twitter-square will appear on top ((this time inside of a square)) of the selected text so you can share it on Twitter. ((of course these birds won’t appear if the site owner doesn’t use the plugin))

Plus if you have Yoast SEO Plugin installed on your site, the plugin will automaticly include the author’s Twitter handle inside that tweet.

This plugin is easy to use, and its very useful if you would like your reader to quote the things you’ve said.