Readability for iOS updated for iOS 7, is it a step forward or a step back?

Readability for iOS updated for iOS 7, is it a step forward or a step back?

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Since august 05 2013 Readability team didn’t release any update to its iOS app, until today, they say its a major update but is it really a major update or just a new UI?

Readability is one of the big names in the read it later services, for me its the king, with its great user interface and its amazing mobilizer.

The company released today a new update that brought a new feature called Recommendation, This feature allow other Readability user to recommend article to people who follow them.

Thats great, but what about the actual service, well it turned out that theres nothing else new.

The only thing that you will notice is the new design, but if you take a good look after you open the app, you will notice that the app open to your recommendation list and not your reading list which for me this is a step back.

I open the app everyday to see what i saved for later, go through them and read as much as i can, but now when you open the app you will be welcomed with the recommendation list.

I dont think thats a good idea at all.

Another thing you will notice is when you go to your profile, and then tap on the gear logo is that you only have one option and its logging out of your account, i was surprised to see this, i thought i would see a setting menu with couple of extra options, like changing fonts, or switching between the light and dark theme, an about page, and a FAQ section, but no, the only thing you can do is to log out of your account.

The new animation of the app is smooth, like sliding from right to left reveal a set of option for the article you are reading like:

  1. Recommend
  2. Share
  3. Font and theme option
  4. Favorite article
  5. Archive
  6. Delete

What surprised me here even more is that the developers didn’t add any new sharing option, like Buffer,ADN, Google+, etc…

Maybe a lot of people don’t use these sharing services, but what about the people who do use them?

I believe that the devolopers could’ve easily implemented a sharing option like the one in the RSS app Reeder, you can turn on and off the ones you need and don’t need, its simple and efficient.

I really wanted to write a great review about the app, but i also wanna be honest, and this is what i felt when i started using the new update, lack of new features, lack of options.

Readability is still a great service in my opinion but i was really looking forward to see what they are going to do with their iOS app.

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