Reddit Ask Me Anything arrives to the AppStore

Reddit Ask Me Anything arrives to the AppStore

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Reddit is the source for a lot of great information, latest news, cute cat, and anything else you want. However, this time I won’t talk about that.

What I want to talk about is one specific section of Reddit, the famous Ask Me Anything (AMA) subreddit.

It’s a place where famous people come and answer questions from other Reddit users. There’s a tremendous amount of AMA’s from celebrities, politicians, people with interesting, life changing or weird stories.

I talked about the AMA subreddit before in an article about Interviewly but today I want to talk about the official Ask Me Anything app that arrived today on the AppStore.

Here’s my review of Reddit Ask Me Anything App: #

Today Reddit released their second official app for the AMA subreddit.

Yes that’s right, SECOND official app. In case you didn’t know, Reddit used to have a Reddit client for iOS a long time ago but they deprecated it and told Reddit users to use Alien Blue, the famous and gorgeous looking Reddit client which is available on the iPhone and the iPad

Reddit AMA App Main and Sections

This new app allows you to browse all the AMA’s available on Reddit and even participate if they are labeled, “Active.” You also have the ability to vote up or down on AMA’s and comment just like you do on Reddit’s website, which is what they are famous for.

The app is very well designed and feels snappy. You can quickly navigate between all the AMA’s sections from Science/Tech, Games, Journalism to Experience and Crime…etc.

The first thing you will see when you open the app is the great looking AMA logo, which to be honest looks really good. Even the app icon looks great.

After, you will see what you do with the app, and then you can sign up or log into your account.

After signing in you can easily scroll through all the previous and active AMAs and participate in them if you wish.

You can also view Hot, Recent and All-Time most voted AMAs.

The only thing missing though is a separate section for Active AMA’s. I wish they would have made a separate section for them instead of going through all sections to see which AMA is active now.

Don’t worry, you can easily check your Karma with one tap on the profile icon and you can also allow adult content if you want.

The app is really simple, fun to use and feels so colorful. If you’ve never read an AMA before, I really encourage you to do so because I’m sure that you will find something of your particular interest.

You can read more about the announcement on the official Reddit blog.

The official Ask Me Anything app is available on the AppStore for free.