Say hello to Clef, and goodbye to Passwords.

Say hello to Clef, and goodbye to Passwords.

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Whether you are a WordPress site owner, a Google or a Twitter user, or even Facebook and specially if you use all these services, you should make sure that you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled, and you must give Clef a try to see how you and everybody else can secure your account even more, make log in more fun, and forget about your password. So sit back and relax, bcuz this what Clef will help you achieve.

Clef is a smartphone app that lets users log in to any computer by presenting their phone. Clef recognizes the user by their phone instead of passwords that need to be remembered and typed.

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For a long time I thought securing my accounts meant only using a strong password, and praying to god that no one hack me. Years went by and technology started to become more and more advanced, and hackers got even more smarter, I started to search online about how to secure my accounts more and more, and that’s how I discovered Two-Factor Authentication, and it did change my life forever.

Recently I started this website bcuz I wanted to share everything I know about technology, and to share with my readers everything I find interesting in the world of technology, which is a world being updated not every year like iOS, but it’s being updated every single second. And today I would love to share with you Clef, and the best way to describe it is by saying: it’s the best thing that ever happened to Websites security since the invention of password.

If you wanna ask me why? Then I’m here to answer this question for you. Clef will solve your problem when you forget your password, since these days we have different long and complex password protecting our accounts all over the internet, and it’s becoming more harder than ever to remember all of them, and that’s when Clef comes in, with a wave of your phone on your screen, the magic happen, and the secure path will be opened for you just to walk right in. Just a wave of your phone, think how cool is that, and at the same time how secure and easy that is.

Clef WordPress

I’m gonna give you guys an example of how I use Clef. This site is running WordPress, and securing WordPress is a hard thing to do, since you have to do so many things under the hood to make sure that your site is safe and secure. Having Clef installed absolutely make my site even more secure, since now I don’t have to use my password anymore to login to my admin panel.

Setting up Clef was easy, all it takes couple of clicks, go to plugins in your WordPress admin panel, search for Clef, install it and activate it. After that the plugin will ask you to download the app on your smartphone ( iOS / Android ) Open the app, enter your name and email, set a pin code for yourself, and welcome to the world where your phone can log you in automatically to your accounts. In Clef plugin setting in your WordPress site you will find couple of handy options to make Clef work the way you want, from disabling your WordPress password completely to having a Clef badge placed nicely and automatically in the footer of your site, to let people know that your site is protected by Clef.

All of that is awesome but there’s always a Steve Jobs moment when it comes to these kind of thing, there’s always a one more thing. In Clef app for Android & iOS device, after you log in to your account securely, you will have a countdown timer for your log in session, so you can set up this session for 1 minute to 99 hours, and what’s more awesome than this, is that with a tap on phone you can also logout of your account and walk away from your laptop in slow motion with your sunglasses on like a motherfucking badass, and don’t look back if an explosion happen … Wait what? Oops, I guess I’m watching too much Action movies on Netflix. But I think you got my point on how awesome this service is. It’s really easy to set up, safe and secure, and make passwords a history.

So make sure to make your digital life more secure, more easy, and more awesome by giving Clef a shot. You won’t lose a thing, except your password, which will be a history once you get Clef. For more information on Clef, please visit their website @ P.S. If you are a WordPress site owner, then you must check this list made by Clef on how to secure your WordPress website.