Swiftype Review: WordPress Search Plugin

Swiftype Review: WordPress Search Plugin

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A lot of people agree on one thing when it comes to the built-in search in WordPress, they all say that it sucks!.

Here’s what Yoast has to say about it:

WordPress default search kinda sucks. It sorts the results by date, newest first and interface wise. It doesn’t have any of the cool things we’re used to when we search in (for instance) Google.

I agree with him. Yoast goes on to talk about how to customize WordPress search by doing a bit of coding and installing a couple of plugins.

But, what if I told you that you can do everything is his article with one plugin?

Yes, only one plugin. One service. Endless options.

Swiftype Review #

Swiftype is a search engine for websites and mobile applications. They provide a WordPress Plugin that makes It is so easy to implement their service into your website to take advantage of what they offer by charging your site’s built-in search function with a cutting edge search engine that tells you exactly what your readers are looking for and gives them the result that they want to see.

What makes Swiftype so different and better than the built-in search and other alternatives?

Easy to setup {#Easy to setup} #

Swiftype Plugin Setting Menu

It all begins with Indexing your site’s contents. You have two options:

Swiftype is really easy to install, whether you decide to add the crawler to your site or if you decide to go with the plugin and let it do all the work for you. Both options won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to make your new and improved search engine up and running on your site

Analytics #


Swiftype helps you see what your readers are searching for in your site. This is crucially important because you want to know what they want. This helps you decide what you want to write about more in the future based on the top searches on your site. Plus, you can add Google analytics if you want.

Ranking #


Ranking is one of my favorite features in Swiftype. It allows you to rearrange the search results on your website. If there’s an article you published and you want your readers to read it but they’re unable to see it, just drag it to the top. It’s that simple.

Customization #

Swiftype offer a great set of documentation that will assist you while customizing your search box and the search result so it can suit you and make it blend in with your site.

Here’s all the documentations needed to do what Yoast wrote about in his article

free plan that has some limitation like:

  • Single website/app installation
  • Limited content updates
  • 50 search result customizations

It’s great! Want even more features? They also offer Pro/Business/Enterprise Plans that begin at $19/month.

Swiftype is really easy to use and works great, if you have a site with a lot of content. I definitely encourage you to give Swiftype a shot and add it on your site. It will change searching on your site forever.