Tap Hosting Review: A Modern Free WordPress Hosting

Tap Hosting Review: A Modern Free WordPress Hosting

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Looking for free WordPress hosting on Google is a bit dangerous and scary. Most of the time you end up in websites that offer a service that is too good to be true. Trying them could lead to bad things or you won’t even be able to try because you will be bombarded with ads, pop-ups and “click here” in order to sign up but it doesn’t actually work.

When you happen to find one that is true, it looks ugly, horrible UI and it’s so confusing for people who just want to start a website.

These are all true things, for example:

WPNode offers a free WordPress hosting, but it’s not available at the moment due to a “huge amount of applications.”

000Webhost: This is one of the most popular free hosting services out there. You can sign up and start using it now, but it will take you a lot of time to understand how to set things up correctly. It’s confusing.

For those of you who are going to say, “WordPress.com.” DUH! I’m going to say that although it’s WordPress, you won’t be getting the full experience and sadly, you are missing out on a lot of cool things.

If you are happy with the limitation of WordPress.com then that’s great, but if you want to get the true and full experience of WordPress, then I would ask you to join Tap: A Modern Free WordPress Hosting.

Tap free WordPress hosting

Tap is a new hosting service that stands out from the rest since it offers a free WordPress hosting to anyone who wants to start using WordPress.

What’s different here from what WordPress.com offer is that Tap is giving you a TRUE WordPress.org hosting, which means you’re allowed to download and install plugins and themes as your heart desires. This is something that you can’t do with WordPress.com since you are limited to the available themes and no plugins at all.

Adding new site Tap Free WordPress hosting

Creating your first free website is as easy as choosing the name of your site, username and password ((Please Use 1Password)) and your site will be up and running in a couple of seconds.

What’s the catch? Ads? #

Nope, no ads, no spam emails, nothing. Your WordPress installation won’t even come pre-installed with plugins you don’t need. The only “downside” is that you won’t be able to use your domain name or access your site via SFTP, so your site will be something like News47ell.ThisIsTap.com

But let’s face it, if you are someone who wants to try WordPress.org for the first time then I think that Tap is the perfect place to start.

You’ll be able to play around with your new WordPress site the way you want and if you feel like it’s looks and functions the way you want, then you can start writing or creating your portfolio.

Once you feel the need to be more professional and have your own domain, then you’re one click away from upgrading your account to one of these plans:

Tap’s $5 P/M Pro Single Plan which gives you the following:

  • SFTP Access
  • 10GB of disk space
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unmetered page views
  • Use of custom domain

Tap’s $20 P/M Multi Pro Plan which include all of the above plus:

  • 5 Instantly configured WordPress sites
  • 10GB of disk space per site

Tap’s $90 P/M Agency Pro Plan, again all of the above plus:

  • 25 Instantly configured WordPress sites
  • 15GB of disk space per site
  • Free WP MultiSite

What are the limits of the Free account? #

I decided to email the guys over at Tap to know a little bit more about the limitation of the free account and additional information about Tap in general. They were really quick to reply. That’s always a great thing!

Here’s what Joe from Tap said about the limitation of the free account:

“Regarding free sites, both bandwidth and views are unlimited and they come with 5GB of disk space. Users can currently create as many free sites as they want and when they upgrade to Pro the subdomain will then become the custom domain. If you have other free sites they will still remain.”

So, as you can see, you can create as many sites as you want. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth, page views and 5GB of disk space. It’s a lot for someone wanting to learn and start his/her brand new WordPress blog.

How do I feel about Tap? #

 Tap’s infrastructure is built ontop of Google’s vast hardware and we utalies Google’s London based servers to ensure fast speeds for around Europe and across the word. Our Tap websites are hosted across multiple web boxes, all with high memory ensuring any site can withstand a spike of traffic; our web boxes are never oversold. With onsite and offsite backup with a 3 day retention and 24/7 monitoring with DNS fallbacks in place for an emergency, all our sites remain safe.

Honestly, Tap looks great. Being able to sign up and create your first site in couple of minuets is a great thing for people who haven’t tried WordPress and hosting services in general.

Whether you are new to WordPress or someone who wants to change their hosting provider for something better, I think that Tap is a service that is worth looking at.