Twitterrific vs Tweetbot. The only Review you will ever need

Twitterrific vs Tweetbot. The only Review you will ever need

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Are you thinking about buying Twitterrific or Tweetbot For your iOS device?
You are in the right place, Bcuz this my friend is the The only Review you will ever need to read about the most powerful Twitter clients on iOS and hopfully help you make the right dissuasion before you buy any of them…or maybe both like in my case!

Twitterrific $2.99 Free w/iAP & Tweetbot $4.99 #

Both Twitterrific & Tweetbot have a new simple and clean design that takes advantage of the new iOS 7 design.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s no different between the two apps.

Twitterrific: The buttons are on top, with a hidden menu that you can access by tapping on your profile pic, from that menu you can access pretty much everything, from setting, switching profile, display settings, and also your lists, today activity, search, saved searches, and favorites.

Note that there’s no way to rearrange this list or customize it.

Tweetbot: The buttons are placed down, tapping on your profile picture on Tweetbot gives you the option to switch between your account, add new one, and also open the settings.

Your lists are hidden in Tweetbot, and to access them you need to tap and hold on top where it says “timeline”, from there you can switch between your lists easily.

With Tweetbot you will get an extra-thing for the UI, tapping and holding the right 2 buttons on the bottom of the app, you will be able to customize them for your need, so you can switch the last 2 buttons to be one of these:

  • Search
  • Profile
  • Favorites
  • Lists
  • Mute Filters
  • Retweets

So if you use 2 of these options more than the other you can tap and hold and set them to be the default buttons for easy access.

Both apps works great, and each one of them have its own unique features that makes using Twitter more enjoyable.

For example Mute or Muffle in the case of Twitterrific, it’s a simple and useful feature that allow you to hide people, keywords and hashtags so you won’t be annoyed when for example people watch the premier of a movie and talk all about it on Twitter, you can just mute the people who talk about this movie or mute the hashtag.

With Twitterrific you can Muffle links too.

Sliding from right to left on and individual tweet on both Twitterrific & Tweetbot shows your the conversation view, but sliding from left to right is a bit different, on Twitterrific doing that will give you a quick reply option, but on Tweetbot you have a long and a short swipe, and you can choose what you want a short swipe to the right to do it’s either favorite or retweet.

Tapping and holding on a profile picture in a tweet is kinda the same, on Twitterrific you will be able to see a profile pic, while on Tweetbot you will be able to see if the person is following you or not, and you can also follow And unfollow, which to me is a good thing to have here bcuz it’s easy to access.

When tapping a single time on a tweet both apps give a set of options like translate tweets, view conversation, view Favstar, retweet and email tweet, Tweetbot also gives you the option to copy tweet and copy link to tweet.

Let’s talk settings now, first of all notifications which is obvious bcuz both Twitterrific & Tweetbot support notifications when getting a reply or someone follow you and all that, but non of the app support sending a notification each time an account you follow send out a tweet, which is basically one of the 2 features that force me to keep the Official Twitter app on both my iPhone and my iPad (first feature is Two-Factor Authentication since Twitter developed their own) and also Twitterrific display a symbol inside the notification which is something you can disable if you don’t like, while Tweetbot allow you to receive notifications only from people you follow.

Bookmark service are the same, the only difference here is on Twitterrific part bcuz on it you will be able to use all the services you want, for example when you tap and hold on a link you will have the option to save this link to Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard or Safari reading list, and for me this is great bcuz I do like to send articles with no images for Instapaper instead of Pocket bcuz reading text on Instapaper is much better.

Mobilizer: Twitterrific uses Instapaper and Readability while Tweetbot uses Google or Readability.

For me Twitterrific should remove Instapaper and Tweetbot should remove Google bcuz both of these mobilizer sucks…like really really sucks.

Image services

Twitterrific: Twitter,, Mobypicture, Twitpic, Droplr.

Tweetbot: CloudApp, Droplr,, Mobypicture, Twitpic, Twitter, yfrog, custom.

Both apps use the popular services on the market, but again Tweetbot have more options here bcuz it include more services to upload your images to, and a custom option to upload your pictures to a custom domain if you want.

Tweetbot also let you choose to what service you wanna upload your videos to and just like above you can choose to upload the videos using a custom domain.

As far as URL Shortening you can only change this in Tweetbot by choosing again between popular services like Twitter, bitly, CloudApp, droplr, or choosing your custom domain.

Browsers support: it’s different between Twitterrific & Tweetbot bcuz on Twitterrific you tap and hold on link and choose between Safari and Chrome, while on Tweetbot you have to choose in your setting whether you want your default browser to be Safari, Chrome, or even 1Password which is great to see it supported.

Display setting: On Twitterrific you can change the font from

  • Helvetica
  • Avenir
  • Proxima Nova
  • Signika
  • Museo Slab
  • Calluna.

You can also change the size of the text, profile image, height of the text, and you can change theme between light and dark.

On Tweetbot you can change text size, or use system size, display full name, username or both, make the avatar round or square, you can show or disable the badge on profiles, you can change date format, and also you can change the theme from dark to light.

And finally You can sync timeline on both apps using iCloud or Tweet Maker.

The only different here for me is when you change any of these settings on Twitterrific it feels like it takes forever to be applied while on Tweetbot it happens right away.

I hope I was able to help you choose which app you want, for me I choose Tweetbot why?

The reason is bcuz Tweetbot is more customizable, so I can make it work the way I want, the attention to details and bcuz I feel like it’s faster, but that’s just me.

In the end I do have both apps for testing, plus the official Twitter app.