uBlock Origin Review, an Adblock Plus Alternative

uBlock Origin Review, an Adblock Plus Alternative

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When I discovered that the shitty browsing experience I have in Chrome was because of Adblock Plus and it’s high RAM usage on my MacBook (Mid-2010) I decided to look for an Adblock Plus alternative, that’s something I really enjoy doing, and I wish I did look into Chrome’s Task Manager a while ago to discover how much memory this extension use because it would’ve saved me a lot of time switching between browsers, but I also discovered again how great Firefox is, and now Mozilla will release a brand new Firefox browser for developers but I’m getting away from my subject, so let’s focus and talk about uBlock Origin an Adblock Plus alternative

Developed by Raymond Hill from Canada, uBlock Origin manage to block ads in a very efficient way, it keeps your browsing experience at its best and your computer running fast by using low amount of memory.

I’ve tested it for an hour and believe me when I say that an hour is more than enough to see how much different and faster it is than Adblock Plus, for example: I used to browse one tab at a time while using Adblock Plus, now with uBlock Origin i’m able to go back to browse 5+ tabs at the same time.

I say 5+ only because My MacBook has only 2GB of RAM and I have 5+ Chrome Extension, I think 5+ tabs is much better than just one.

Here’s a video made by the developer showing how fast uBlock Origin is and much better when it comes to blocking all the services that tracks you online than Adblock Plus.

I also compared uBlock Origin with Adblock Plus and the numbers that I saw can describe how much uBlock Origin is better than Adblock, so let’s take a look at them.

News47ell uses 73.2 MB with uBlock Origin
uBlock menu

uBlock Origin doesn’t have the fanciest menu as you can see, it has some basic info regarding how many tracking request has been blocked, on this page that you are viewing it on, and since you’ve installed it. Also it have a feature called Dynamic filtering for advanced users who like to tinker around with what gets blocked. Dynamic filtering allow advanced users to take more control over uBlock Origin by allowing them to block script and iframe objects manually.

uBlock Origin allows you to block ads and protect your privacy by using Adblock Plus EasyList, protect your browsing experience by checking for malware on each domain you visit by using malwaredomainlist.com. And you can also whitelist any site that you want.

Bottom of the line: uBlock Origin is great, it’s fast and it works flawlessly, so give it a shot, I’m sure you will love it.