WP-Markdown the best Markdown Plugin for WordPress

WP-Markdown the best Markdown Plugin for WordPress

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Recently Automattic updated its Jetpack plugin for WordPress, and with this update Automattic introduced Markdown to its Open source blogging platform, this doesn’t mean Markdown didn’t exisit before the latest version of Jetpack, but its finally officially supported by the company behind WordPress.

After using the Jetpack Markdown feature, i deleted the plugin, you can read why on my previous article. I started looking at the best Markdown plugin for WordPress, i went looking for Markdown on save improved bcuz i was using it before the Jetpack Markdown update became available. Surprisingly the developer of Markdown on save improved decided to stop updating the plugin in favor of Jetpack Markdown bcuz its going to get updates more frequently.

I kept looking everywhere for a better plugin than that for my Markdown needs and finally i came across a plugin called WP-Markdown and let me tell you this, It IS Awesome.

This plugin will allow you to write in Gruber’s creation that’s called Markdown, and upon publishing your article, the plugin will convert your Markdown Syntax into HTML, and when you edit your post, the plugin will convert HTML back to Markdown.

Another great feature about this plugin, is the preview displayed under your writing area, the preview will show you how your article will appear when you publish it, it will convert your Markdown syntax live.

So if you are a crazy fan of Markdown and WordPress this plugin is for you, go get it now and enjoy the beauty of Markdown in WordPress.