Best April Fools Day Pranks 2015

Best April Fools Day Pranks 2015

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Today is the First of April, this mean that Tech companies around the world are competing in making the Best April Fools Day Pranks.

There’s a lot of them, from so many companies, like Google and Microsoft, iFixit and even DigitalOcean, the VPS Server the power this site.

Here I have a list of the Best April Fools Day Pranks that I personally enjoyed this year and I thought I would share it with you, and at the end of the article you will find a link of all the April Fools Day Joke from around the web.

com.Google #

Did you know that Google has their own TLD! ((Top-level domain))

Well today Google launched their brand new Google Search site using their own TLD .Google: com.Google Go ahead, Visit it and Search your heart out!

Google PacMan Maps #

This is not the first time that Google introduced PacMan in their search engine, back in May 21, 2010, it was the 10th anniversary of PacMan, Google created its own level of the famous game and made it available as a Doodle on the main page. Now if you want to visit it you can just search for PacMan in Google.

But for this year, Google took it one step further, they created the biggest level in the World…Get it, World!

Well I guess you didn’t because you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Google made PacMac playable through their Google Maps website and on both iOS and Android app. All you have to do is locate yourself or zoom in to any area in the world and you will see a PacMac icon, once you tap it, the world will change to match the theme of a PacMan level.

Smartbox by Inbox by Gmail by Google #

Yup, Google again, and this time with a useful re-invention of something a lot of people have and use all around the world, the Mailbox and they are calling it the Smartbox.

It’s beautifully designed, with so many features like:

  • Email Filter: The Smartbox is capable of filtering all kind of letters you receive, such as shopping email, coupons, images, bills…etc
  • Spam Filter: Yes, The amazing Spam Filter that Google Provide for their Gmail user, will be available on this great Smartbox, and its able to ZAP any spammer who tries to put spam letters in your Smartbox.
  • Motion Sensor: The Smartbox will open automatically for you (the owner) or the mail man with a hand gestures.
  • Built-in Android Tablet: A big and bright multi-touch screen tablet running Android – 5.1 Lollipop
  • One more thing: It’s portable so you can enjoy it wherever you go.

Microsoft MS-DOS for Lumia #

For those of you MS-DOS lover out there ((including me)) now you can enjoy the beauty of opening your favorite apps by typing a DOS command using the MS-DOS app exclusive for Lumia devices.

DigitalOcean New Datacenter is now available in Atlantis #

The popular VPS provider DigitalOcean, which I personally use to host an amazing website announced today that they have a new datacenter in Atlantis.

 We’re very excited to be announcing a new region: Atlantis (Datacenter Abbreviation: H2O), submerged in the Straits of Gibraltar. This underwater datacenter will provide unparalleled connectivity to the surrounding countries like Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

iFixit Apple Watch Teardown Review #

When it comes to fixing your electronic devices iFixit always got you covered, with the best tools and best guides, video tutorials and high quality photos.

This time, they didn’t disappoint us at all. They brought us the FIRST Apple Watch Teardown Review, Even before Apple even officially release it, that’s how good they are.

Gentoo’s New Website Design #

Gentoo is a Linux or BSD distribution, like Ubuntu, Debian and FreeBSD. Today instead of announcing a new version of their OS, they announced a new design for their website.

This one is something that you have to see yourself if you are a fan of command lines, terminal and old-school tech stuff.

Tinder For Uber #

This is simple, Tinder is an online dating app, and Uber is one of the worst companies on this planet…I mean Uber is a mobile-app-based transportation network…It’s a FUCKING TAXI.

Since Uber is horrible, Tinder want to help you find the perfect driver for you, Using this brand new iOS app you can swipe left and right just like you normally do in Tinder and find the perfect Uber driver for you.

Reddit r/Apple & r/Android #

And last but not least we can’t forget about the awesome guys at reddit, this time it’s a twisted joke that both Apple and Android fanboys might not like, or they might, who knows?!

Just visit the link above to see why it’s so twisted, just remember which link you chose.

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