How to Protect WordPress Login Page

Protect WordPress Login Page

Being the number one1 CMS in the world, websites running WordPress are a great target for hackers who want to take control of other people’s websites. Hackers will ask for a ransom, sell personal information that belongs to the site’s owner/s and it’s users, distribute malware, send spam or simply, to eliminate competitors.

One very popular way of getting administrative access to a WordPress site is by attacking the login page.

Thy name is wp-login.php.

We all know it and you should know that everyone knows it. Hackers will use it since it’s the gateway to your site and you should do your best to Protect your WordPress Login Page.

Using a technique called Brute Force Attack, hackers take advantage of a few weak points that come with every WordPress installation. You should harden those weak points as soon as possible to keep intruders outside and your site safe and protected.

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Protect WordPress Login Page from Brute Force Attack

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1Password 5.2 for iOS adds support for OTP and more

1Password is one of those apps that when you use you can’t let go of it, it just sticks with you and make you happy all the time, never disappoint.
The guys at AgileBits released 1Password 5.2 Codenamed The Awesomesauce Edition for iOS which add support for One-time password aka OTP for Pro users only.

In addition to OTP, 1Password now have an easier way to add new logins:

 we added our first-ever Login Creator, a really slick new tool that makes it easy, dare I even say fun, to add your existing Logins to 1Password and get a feel for how much time it can save you.

Until now my OTP app of choice is Authy, and the fact that 1Password Sync the OTP across devices is really great, but at the moment I’m still using an iPhone 4 with an iOS 7 so I don’t see my self switching all my OTPs to 1Password.

Dashlane Password Changer, One Click to Change Them All

Dashlane just introduced a brand new feature called Dashlane Password Changer that will allow users to change all their saved passwords automatically without any interaction from you, unless you have a Security Question or Two-Factor Authentication enabled which in that case you will be asked to enter your answer or code.

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Can 1Password save your digital life? →

Ellis Hamburger from The Verge interviewing both Jeff Shiner and David Chartier from AgileBits

Ellis Hamburger: Yeah, people aren’t really keeping all their important files in their desk drawer anymore are they?

David Chartier: We have a lawyer who’s one of our customers who gives a free copy of 1Password to all his customers as part of his “last will and testament package.” The uses are far beyond just log-ins, but log-ins are where people know to start.

This is my favorite part of the interview, it’s really great to see a lawyer recommending and giving away copies of 1Password to his customers, hopefully more people would start doing that.

If you want to know more about 1Password then make sure to read my full review of this amazing app over here, and see all the new things that you do with 1Password on iOS 8 over here.

1Password 5 Review for iOS 8

Have I said before how much I love 1Password?
It’s weird that I didn’t mention that in my previous 1Password review that I wrote a while ago. Well, I’m saying it now, I love 1Password! Everything about the app is just perfect, beginning with it’s design, features and ending with how easy it is to use.
This goes for both 1Password for Mac and iOS and even though the previous update doesn’t have one of the most important feature of the desktop version. No need to worry now though, because after the latest update to 1Password for iOS 8 all of this was changed, for good.

Now the guys at AgileBits has given users a big update to 1Password that brought one of the most requested features and most used feature of 1Password on desktop. 1Password extension for Safari, so let’s take a look at it.

Here’s my 1Password 5 Review:

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1Password for iOS Review

I’m one of those guys who generates strong and complicated yet easy to remember passwords. However, I do something that people won’t forgive me for doing. I use the same password for every single account I have.
Around three years ago, I discovered1Password but it didn’t change my life right away on how to use passwords correctly. It wasn’t until a year ago that I started using it the way it’s meant to be used.
That’s another thing I did wrong. I didn’t use the app right away, the way it should be used. Instead I just used it to save my one and only password for all my accounts, so I didn’t feel like it was useful for me until this year.

In case you were offline for the past year, let me tell you what happened.
This year many big companies were hacked into, lots of security holes and breaches. The main purpose of these hacks was to release as many passwords as possible to the public. Adobe breach was the wake up call for me because I was one of the victims of that attack like millions of others.
I realized that now my one and only password is available in the hands of these hackers, they can access pretty much all my accounts and information. I wanted and needed to fix that, and that’s when I realized that the solution was right in front of my eyes the entire time, 1Password.

If you don’t know what1Password is, it’s a password manager application that allows you to save all your account passwords and credentials. You’re able to organize them, which is convenient and makes your life easier.
Not only that, but 1Password also has the ability to generate complicated passwords for your accounts.

Today I’ll be discussing in detail about this amazing app that I believe everyone should own.

Here is my 1Password for iOS Review:

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