AirDroid Review: How to Sync Android Notifications with Mac

AirDroid Review

Sometimes my Android phone is a bit far from my reach and I have received an “important” SMS that I need to access in 30 seconds1. Instead of having to go grab my phone from the other room, unlock it, open the SMS app, read the code, memories and then type it on my MacBook. I have found another, much easier way to do all of this right from my MacBook using an app called AirDroid that allows me to Sync Android Notifications with Mac as well as having full access to my Android device.

Meaning that as soon as that SMS is received on my Android phone, I will get a notification on my MacBook. I can copy part of it like the TFA code or reply to it if it’s a person I’m talking with.

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Slack Notifications by dorzki WordPress Plugin Review

Slack Notifications by dorzki WordPress Plugin Review

These days, our phones are in our pockets all the time. Yes, phones as in multiple ones, is it just me?
Back to the main subject, most of the time you have your phone with you and you are out of the house doing your job and all you can think about is your precious WordPress site and what’s happening with it. Again, it’s not just me, right?

When I am out, I like to always know whenever a new plugin, theme or core update is available. Whether someone managed to log in to my account, edited something without my permission or when an article is published on schedule.

You can push all of these notifications easily to your phone and as a bonus, they can all be pushed to your Slack channel, which is what I do.

Let’s dive into this Slack Notifications by dorzki WordPress Plugin Review and learn How to integrate Slack with WordPress.

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Keyy Review: Best Clef Alternative

Keyy Review: Best Clef Alternative

I still remember the excitement that I felt when I found out about Clef, the no-longer-available two-factor authentication app that helped me get rid of the password that I use to login to News47ell’s admin dashboard. It was magical, but sadly, the excitement didn’t last for too long. Clef shut down and the team moved to join Twilio to work on Authy.

I was left with the same old, boring login method for my site.

Today, I get to be excited again thanks to the great people over at UpdraftPlus because they released their promised app they claim is going to be the heir of Clef.

Keyy two factor authentication, a brand new WordPress plugin, iOS & Android app by the developers of the popular WordPress backup plugin UpdraftPlus, is going to bring back the good old days of not having to enter that hard to remember password 1 every time I want to login to my admin dashboard.

So go ahead and read my Keyy Review: Best Clef Alternative and kiss your WordPress login password goodbye

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Pocket Cast is Coming to a Web Browser Near You

If you’re a Pocket Cast user you most likely spend most of your time on your laptop browsing the internet, doing research or writing articles like in my case. I’m sure there have been plenty moments where your iOS or Android device was no where in sight when you wanted to listen to a Podcast. Well, now you’re able to do that from your own web browser using Pocket Cast for the web! A brand new addition to the Pocket Cast family, a brand you already know and love.

So let’s take a closer look at Pocket cast for Web:

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Say hello to Clef, and goodbye to Passwords.

Whether you are a WordPress site owner, a Google or a Twitter user, or even Facebook and specially if you use all these services, you should make sure that you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled, and you must give Clef a try to see how you and everybody else can secure your account even more, make log in more fun, and forget about your password. So sit back and relax, bcuz this what Clef will help you achieve.

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What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is a way of verifying a user’s identity using two factors: 1) something they know, 2) something they have. It’s a second layer of security to ensure that no one can access your account. You can think of it as a second password.

If you have a bank account and used online banking, then you have used Two factor authentication. It’s the code that is sent to your phone to verify your identity. This is just one way of getting that code, out of five.

The other way is by using a Two factor authentication app. An example of that would be 1Password, Authy or Google Authenticator. Services like Google, MailChimp and Lightning Base allows you to pick an app as your authentication method.

You can also get the code by an automated phone call, an email or by a hardware token such as the RSA SecureID.

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