How to Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Over at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco back in June 2017, Grace Kim, the VP of Design + Research @ Twitter published a blog post letting people know how Twitter is moving to a more round shaped design for Twitter profile images, Buttons, and the Tweet box, etc…

Not a lot of people are happy about this new design let me tell you.

I am personally not a big fan of the rounded design either. As you can see from the designs of News47ell, I enjoy a design with no radius, for example, Pinboard & Instapaper.

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Introducing Weekly47ell Newsletter and a Brand New Homepage Design

News47ell New Homepage Design

I’m bringing you a new article and a new design for News47ell, featuring a right sidebar and a black 1px border around pretty much everything. I’m also launching Weekly47ell newsletter, my first ever newsletter, which will be once a week (duh) Thursday at 21:00 and will contain the latest articles published here.

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These iOS apps need to be fixed…immediately!

Have you ver noticed that a lot of the official non-Apple iOS apps sucks?
I’m talking about the Functionality of the app, the design, and the features that it offers.
And I couldn’t help my self but to mention on example from Apple own apps, but you will find out more about the app when you read the article.
Let’s start with twitter for example, I’m sure a lot of people use it, but let’s be honest with each other here, a lot of third party apps are way much better than the official twitter app.

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