How to Add Linked List Posts to The GeneratePress Theme

Add Linked List Posts to The GeneratePress Theme

If you’ve been reading News47ell from the beginning, or you are a new reader who checked older posts, then I’m sure that you’ve noticed that I link to other sites Daring Fireball style.

Meaning, the title of specific posts in my RSS feed is actually a link to a site that I recommend you visit.

This has been done by many other sites that mainly cover Apple-related news such as MacStories and Brooks Review for example.

Today, I will teach you How to Add Linked List Posts to The GeneratePress Theme using the Daring Fireball-style Linked List WordPress Plugin By Yinjie Soon so you can have the same style of linking to other sites in your RSS feed as well as on your website.

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Introducing a brand new /news47ell

News47ell Logo

I‘ve been working on re-designing/optimizing this website for a while now, almost two months. During this time, I learned a lot about HTML, CSS, SVG, Adobe AI, Fonts, Chrome’s DevTools and many many other things that allowed me bring this new look to the site and improve its performance.

I had a lot of fun while trying to make the site as fast as possible, and I think I did a pretty damn good job considering these high scores I got in GTMetrix, Pingdom and WebPageTest.

I challenged myself to achieve the highest score possible, which at one point meant deleting a big chunk of the CSS codes that I wrote because honestly, things went out of control at one point.

I also went as far as inserting the site logo manually just so I can get rid of the ‘Serve scaled images’ in GTMetrix, all thanks to Tom Usborne, the developer behind the GeneratePress framework which is what the site is running on at the moment.

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s new in /news47ell

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