How to Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Over at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco back in June 2017, Grace Kim, the VP of Design + Research @ Twitter published a blog post letting people know how Twitter is moving to a more round shaped design for Twitter profile images, Buttons, and the Tweet box, etc…

Not a lot of people are happy about this new design let me tell you.

I am personally not a big fan of the rounded design either. As you can see from the designs of News47ell, I enjoy a design with no radius, for example, Pinboard & Instapaper.

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How to View the Source Code of a Google Chrome Extension

View Source Code Google Chrome Extension

While writing my previous article about How to Create a Google Chrome Extension, I wanted to make my example easy, so people could learn from it. A Google Chrome extension that isn’t complex, but it has a little bit of everything. So I picked the Extension That’s Pretty Good1

If you’ve ever downloaded a .CRX file locally on your browser and then attempted to open it via a text-editor like Atom by Github, you would notice that you can only see gibberish.

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How to Create a Google Chrome Extension

Create Google Chrome Extension

After I learned how to create site specific WordPress plugin, I created many plugins for my site with functions ranging from changing the logo to a custom SVG logo, adding a randomized tagline, to hosting Google fonts locally and much more.

Now, I thought it was the right time to learn how to create something else for a platform that I use daily and that platform is my browser, Google Chrome.

Today, I will teach you how to create Google Chrome extension.

I’m sure everyone reading this article with Google Chrome has at least one extension installed. It’s no secret that extensions are useful to users who want to block ads, enhance Reddit browsing experience, manage Google Chrome extensions in quickly, analyze a website’s security header or check what fonts sites are using.

With a library that contains 50,870 extensions, there’s something for everyone. And today, it’s your turn to learn the basics of creating a Google Chrome extension.

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Manage Google Chrome extensions with One Click Extension Manager

manage Google Chrome extensions with One Click Extension Manager

All of us who use Google Chrome and extend it’s features by downloading all kind of cool extensions, want the best way to manage Google Chrome extensions.

I have 68 extensions installed, but not all of them are active, that would eat my Macbook’s ram, literally.

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How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

Yesterday I published an article talking about Why I use Google Chrome, I talked about how it’s able to sync all my date across multiple devices, it’s simple UI, and how Chrome’s extensions help me be more productive and do my work quicker.

But I know a lot of you dislike Chrome for one reason or another, and want to use other browsers like Opera. Well, today I have a special extension for you Opera users out there who want to have best of both worlds. Using Opera and being able to install Chrome extensions.

So let’s learn How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

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Why I Use Google Chrome

You might know this already, I’m a big fan of Google Chrome, specially Chrome Dev Channel. since I tried it when it first came out, it always felt fast, simple, clean. It just felt right to use it as my main browser.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t use other browsers, I tried them all. Safari, Opera, Mercury, Maxthon, Yandex, Sleipnir. and the new Vivaldi browser. and I do have Firefox Developer Edition as my secondary browser for testing and to stay up-to-date on what Mozilla is doing.

With all of these options, I stuck with Chrome as my main and go to browser on both OS X and iOS, and there’s a good reason for that.

I choose Chrome because of the small things that it offers, things that makes my browsing experience more enjoyable. So read-on to find out Why I Use Google Chrome

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uBlock Origin Review, an Adblock Plus Alternative

When I discovered that the shitty browsing experience I have in Chrome was because of Adblock Plus and it’s high RAM usage on my MacBook (Mid-2010) I decided to look for an Adblock Plus alternative, that’s something I really enjoy doing, and I wish I did look into Chrome’s Task Manager a while ago to discover how much memory this extension use because it would’ve saved me a lot of time switching between browsers, but I also discovered again how great Firefox is, and now Mozilla will release a brand new Firefox browser for developers but I’m getting away from my subject, so let’s focus and talk about µBlock Origin an Adblock Plus alternative

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How To Sync Firefox Bookmarks With iPhone

Recently I wanted to try other web browsers on both OSX and iOS. There’s a lot of options out there, from Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Here’s the top browsers that my readers use to visit this site:

  1. Chrome.
  2. Safari.
  3. Firefox.

The only challenge that I had is syncing my bookmarks from MacBook running Snow Leopard to my iPhone running iOS 7.1.2 and iPad running iOS 8.1. Safari has iCloud bookmark syncing but i can’t use it since i’m running SL, And Chrome (Dev Channel) is already my Browser of choice so I looked for something new.

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