How to Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Over at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco back in June 2017, Grace Kim, the VP of Design + Research @ Twitter published a blog post letting people know how Twitter is moving to a more round shaped design for Twitter profile images, Buttons, and the Tweet box, etc…

Not a lot of people are happy about this new design let me tell you.

I am personally not a big fan of the rounded design either. As you can see from the designs of News47ell, I enjoy a design with no radius, for example, Pinboard & Instapaper.

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uBlock Origin Review, an Adblock Plus Alternative

When I discovered that the shitty browsing experience I have in Chrome was because of Adblock Plus and it’s high RAM usage on my MacBook (Mid-2010) I decided to look for an Adblock Plus alternative, that’s something I really enjoy doing, and I wish I did look into Chrome’s Task Manager a while ago to discover how much memory this extension use because it would’ve saved me a lot of time switching between browsers, but I also discovered again how great Firefox is, and now Mozilla will release a brand new Firefox browser for developers but I’m getting away from my subject, so let’s focus and talk about ┬ÁBlock Origin an Adblock Plus alternative

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Is Yahoo going to buy Android from Google?

Marissa Mayer is buying everything that moves lately, Be careful out there, don’t move, and don’t breathe.
Since Marissa became the CEO of Yahoo Before she used to work Google as a executive and key spokesperson, things have changed for the company, changed in a good way I guess.

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