Turn Atom into the Best Markdown Editor for Mac

Best Markdown Editor Mac

I’ve been writing in Markdown since the day I learned about it back in, only God knows when. Since then, my main writing tool on my macOS was Sublime Text but for the last month or so, things have changed. I moved to Atom by Github and today, I am going to tell you how to turn Atom into the Best Markdown Editor for macOS.

If you’ve been reading my recent articles, I mentioned in two of them Sublime Text as an example app to use for code editing. From now on, this will change, instead, I will recommend Atom by Github because it’s free, open source and you can customize it any way you want through packages and themes.

For those of you who use Editorial app on iOS for writing like I do, these Atom packages that I mention below should make the experience really similar.

Let’s Take a Look at How to Turn Atom into the Best Markdown Editor for Mac.

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Byword for iOS updated to version 2.2

Byword for iOS from the guys at Metaclassy, one of my favorite apps to write my articles in – received a very important update.
Now you can use your local photos on your iOS device and insert them into your article, and then they will get uploaded when you publish the article using the app Publish Feature.

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Drafts for iOS Review

When you take notes you look for a quick way to do it, because notes are basically information that you want to write down ASAP until you put it down in it’s proper place. You need a pen and a piece of paper, but whenever you need both, they are never within reach. It’s happened to all of us, looking for one or both, running around the house like chickens with our heads cut off. There must be a simpler way of doing this, as quickly as possible.

The solutionĀ isĀ Drafts for iOS. It can do pretty much all the things I said before and even much-much more

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