Netflix Introduce Netflix Sans Typeface

Netflix Sans

Netflix introduced its own typeface called Netflix Sans which is designed by their own design team and in partnership with type foundry Dalton Maag. Netflix Sans replaced Gotham typeface, the same typeface CNN replaced on April 21, 2016, with CNN Sans.

The goal behind Netflix Sans is to save money, according to an interview with Netflix brand design lead Noah Nathan with It’s Nice That.

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Netflix is shutting down its public API today →

Netflix is shuttering its public API today, effectively ending support for a number of third-party apps that made use of the API to get TV and movie show titles as well as other data from the streaming service.

My question is: What third-party apps?

Searching on the AppStore using the keyword “Netflix” shows the official app and bunch of poorly designed apps that no one seems to care about much.

Also take a look at the chart made by Daniel Jacobson, VP of Edge Engineering at Netflix, it really show that no one actually uses the public API that Netflix has provided for a long time, 11 years ago.


How to watch Netflix outside the US using Unlocator

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