How to Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Over at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco back in June 2017, Grace Kim, the VP of Design + Research @ Twitter published a blog post letting people know how Twitter is moving to a more round shaped design for Twitter profile images, Buttons, and the Tweet box, etc…

Not a lot of people are happy about this new design let me tell you.

I am personally not a big fan of the rounded design either. As you can see from the designs of News47ell, I enjoy a design with no radius, for example, Pinboard & Instapaper.

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Twitter Release Official WordPress Plugin

If you are running a WordPress site, then I’m sure that you already know the that the WordPress plugin directory have an entire tag dedicated for Twitter which include a lot of different plugins that gives you endless amount of ways to implement Twitter in your WordPress site, exactly 1680 plugins.

But for whatever reason today, Twitter decided to release an official WordPress Plugin that is pretty much useless to me so far.

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Nuzzel Review: Don’t Miss the News on Twitter

Nuzzel iOS app Featured Image

Reading news is something I do everyday. I try not to miss out on anything at all, but let’s face it, it’s hard to read everything these days due to the huge amount of info and news being thrown at us each hour if not each minute.

People solved this by subscribing to the sites they like using RSS Services like InoReader, Feedja, FeedlyFeed Wrangler…etc, some people use apps that curate the news for them like: Flipboard, Pulse and SmartNews.
But there’s a problem with both of these options, RSS Services are not up to the second, and apps that curate the news for you, don’t always show you what you want or what’s relevant to you.

I solved this issue by using Twitter as a main source for news, it’s great, all my friends use it, many news site and news stations share their articles and breaking news on it, it’s perfect. But there’s also a tiny problem here, I follow 947 person on Twitter, I do my best to read all their tweets but sometimes things get out of hand, especially in case of breaking news or big evets like every time there’s an Apple event.

You can solve this problem in many ways, you can create lists and add group of people that you always want to keep an eye on, you can favorite tweets to read them later, and something I do all the time is to send any link I find interesting to Pocket.

That’s great and all but, at the end I’m only a human, and I need to sleep, this mean that I will lose about 6 to 7 hours of news each day, and since I live in Turkey and with the difference of time between Turkey and the United State I lose a good amount of news and sometimes its breaking news.

Here comes Nuzzel to the rescue:

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Twitpic is NOT shutting down, for real this time!

In a recent post on Twitpic blog, Noah Everett the founder of Twitpic wrote that he will shut down the service due to an unsolved trademark issue with Twitter.

For thoes of you who don’t know what Twitpic is,  it’s a photo sharing service that is used for sharing pictures on Twitter since 2008

Noah said Twitter contacted him asking him to “abandon the trademark application or risk losing access to their API.”

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Twitterrific vs Tweetbot. The only Review you will ever need

Are you thinking about buying Twitterrific or Tweetbot For your iOS device?
You are in the right place, Bcuz this my friend is the The only Review you will ever need to read about the most powerful Twitter clients on iOS and hopfully help you make the right dissuasion before you buy any of them…or maybe both like in my case!

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Walt Mossberg leaving All Things D

Today Walt Mossberg announced on his twitter account that he wrote his last article for All Things D, after 22 years writing tech reviews in one of the biggest website The Wall Streat Journal, and his planes to start his own tech news website with Kara Swisher.

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Two Factor Authentication and which website that support it

A lot of us who read technology news have must heard about the Adobe security breach lately. This announcement came from Adobe itself on a blog post they released on OCTOBER 3, they said that customer names, encrypted credit / debit card numbers, and expiration dates. Source code for “numerous Adobe products” was stolen. And due to this indecent a lot of big internet companies started working hard to make their services more secure by comparing their users email database with the one that was leaked from Adobe, and notifying people who have and Adobe account to change their password and secure their account. These steps came from companies like: Facebook, Evernote, DreamHost and others, but what’s funny about it is that Adobe it self didn’t notify people at all, I do have an account on Adobe, and according to Evernote and DreamHost my email address was among the emails and password that was leaked from Adobe but I didn’t get any email from Adobe telling me about this security breach. And recently Buffer A service that manages your social media networks Was also hacked and users was surprised when their accounts started sharing spam links across social media networks.

Yesterday buffer took a great step toward protecting their users by enabling Two Factor Authentication, a secure way to protect your account with something you know (Your Password) and something you have (Your Phone).

With 2 Step verification enabled, after you enter your user name and password you will be asked to enter a code that was delivered to your phone (By SMS or by using an app like Google Authenticator). Having 2 Step Verification is really good to protect your account from hackers, it’s not %100 secure, bcuz in this article by Adam Goodman from Due Security, he explains how hackers can bypass 2 Step Verification by capturing a user’s application-specific password (ASP), if you wanna know more about it make sure to read his article.

All of this made me think to write this article to collect in one place all the internet services that offers two factor authentication to make sure my readers secure their accounts if they use these services. So let’s start:

First you need one of these apps:

  1. Google Authenticator iOS
  2. Google Authenticator Android
  3. Authy
  4. LaunchKey


If you have a Google account then you must enable two factor authentication, it’s really important to protect all your Google Data from emails, contacts to documents saved on your Google Drive. By enabling this feature you will be asked to enter a random code generated only for you by many methods:

How to access your account after enabling two factor authentication:

  • SMS
  • A Phone Call
  • Google Authenticator
  • Registering your Computer
  • Backup phone number
  • and Back up codes.


With Dropbox I think it’s also obvious that you must enable it, to protect all your document and files, in Dropbox you will be able to chose a primary and a backup way to access your account after entering the password.

How to access your device after enabling two factor authentication:

  • Google Authenticator
  • SMS


With apple two factor authentication enabled you will protect your credit card information that you use to purchase movies, music, books, and apps. But with apple, you will be forced to change your password if it didn’t match their requirements 8 characters with at least 1 number and 1 capital letter After that you have to add one of your apple products like an iPhone and iPod touch or an iPad as a trusted device so you can receive your code on it.

How to access your device after enabling two factor authentication:

  • iOS device
  • Backup code


Protecting your Buffer account you will protect unwanted people from accessing your social media network and preventing them from sharing spam links on your facebook twitter or google plus account. Buffer introduced 2 Step Verification option yesterday to protect it’s user from what happened couple of weeks ago when hackers were able to send spam links all over twitter and facebook.

How to access your device after enabling two factor authentication:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Backup codes


This is an important one if you are managing your domains and hosting your websites on DreamHost, it’s uses the same methods to protect your buffer account.

How to access your device after enabling two factor authentication:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Backup codes


Twitter did the same thing Buffer did by enabling this feature to users after multiple hacks that happened to major accounts like The Gurdian, AFP, and the Associated Press. Twitter uses it’s iOS app and android app to make users give permission to access their own account and also a backup code in case they’ve lost access to that device.

How to access your device after enabling two factor authentication:

  • iOS or android device with Twitter official app installed
  • Backup codes


Protecting your WordPress account mean that you are protecting your sites, articles, and posts that you worked hard on for hours each day, so I think it’s also a must feature to enable. It’s also a simple app and a backup code to access your account.

How to access your device after enabling two factor authentication:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Backup codes