How to Enable Automatic Update for WordPress

Enable Automatic Update for WordPress

One way to keep your WordPress site secure is to keep it and everything in it up to date. Meaning that you have to update the core software which is WordPress and the theme you are using. In my case, it’s GeneratePress. One last thing to update are the plugins you are using and in my case… that’s…well…. that’s a long list for another time.

Instead of checking your WordPress update section all the time anticipating a new update, there’s a way to enable automatic update for WordPress. You just set it once and forget it.

Today, I will tell you How to Enable Automatic Update for WordPress.

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News For Hell: The Return

It’s been 200 days since the last time I posted here. It feels like forever to me and I honestly missed writing. It’s something that I never thought I would do.

I’ve been busy this whole time doing something that I thought would make my life easier, but it turned out I was wrong. It didn’t change anything. It actually in many ways, made it worse. So I decided to leave it for now to go back and work on the site.

I couldn’t just leave something that I’ve built over the past (almost) three years. I’ve learned a lot from having my own website and writing in it. Hopefully now I will continue to learn more, exciting new things.

I might have taken a big long break, but during this break, I was doing research behind the curtain on how to improve my website and make it better day after day.

So let’s take a deeper look at what’s new on the site:

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