App Santa Is Back with Great Christmas Deals on the App Store

App Santa is back again this year with a great Christmas Deals on the App Store.

iOS and OSX apps are on sale now for Christmas, and App Santa never fails to disappoint with a big collection of apps on sales that includes apps like Launch Center Pro, Castro, Clear, Day One, Drafts and Tweetbot.

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Here’s the full list:

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Dashlane Password Changer, One Click to Change Them All

Dashlane just introduced a brand new feature called Dashlane Password Changer that will allow users to change all their saved passwords automatically without any interaction from you, unless you have a Security Question or Two-Factor Authentication enabled which in that case you will be asked to enter your answer or code.

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Spotify Year In Music

It’s this time of the year again when Spotify release the stats regarding all the songs that were played during the current year.

Last year it was Spotify Year In Review, and this year it’s called Spotify Year In Music. You can find stats like the most popular male and female artist, song and album, Plus at the end you will be able to find all the stats regarding Your Year With Spotify.

Here’s my top songs for 2014:

Spotify My Year In Music 2014

Want more? Take a look at Federico’s top 10 tracks for this year.

How to Remove Duplicate Songs from Spotify Playlist

The second I walk outside of my home I launch Spotify and let Metal Music blast through my ears until they bleed…wait, is that too much info? No, that appropriate.
Anywho, In Spotify, My main Playlist is the Starred Playlist, and in it I have all the songs that I would enjoy listening to outside and inside the house, but sometimes I get bored from these songs and want to replace them so I select all of them and throw them into another playlist so I don’t forget about these songs in the future.

Doing this multiple times a month will create duplicates songs in the backup playlist and I don’t like that, going through all 600 songs to remove the duplicate ones are hard thing to do.

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Black Friday Deals 2014: The Best Deals on the App Store

Black Friday is tomorrow Today, and the discounts party started already on the App Store.
A lot of great apps and games are on sale for Black Friday, so buy them before it’s too late.

Here’s a complete list of the best Black Friday Deals 2014 from apps and games for iOS that you should consider buying.

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Slow Feeds Adds the Ability to Subscribe to Feeds from Safari on iOS 8

With iOS 8 we saw a lot of developers update their iOS apps to take advantage of the new extension feature in Safari that allow users to do things without switching between apps, like saving articles to Pocket or entering a username and a password with 1Password. But one extension was missing, the ability to Subscribe to Feeds from Safari.

Now with the latest update for Slow Feeds to version 4.2 which adds a new ‘RSS to Slow Feeds’ Extension users can finally Subscribe to Feeds from Safari on iOS 8.

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I Watched Snapchat Snapcash Video so You Don’t Have To

In case you didn’t hear, the easily hackable app Snapchat introduced a new feature.
The new feature is called Snapchat Snapcash and it will allow you to send money to your friend using Snapchat after they’ve parternd with Square.

For this new feature, Snapchat decided to make a weird, fucked up video on so many levels to introduce this brand new feature.

Let’s take a look at it, shall we:

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Netflix is shutting down its public API today

Netflix is shuttering its public API today, effectively ending support for a number of third-party apps that made use of the API to get TV and movie show titles as well as other data from the streaming service.

My question is: What third-party apps?

Searching on the AppStore using the keyword “Netflix” shows the official app and bunch of poorly designed apps that no one seems to care about much.

Also take a look at the chart made by Daniel Jacobson, VP of Edge Engineering at Netflix, it really show that no one actually uses the public API that Netflix has provided for a long time, 11 years ago.


Apple’s Greg Joswiak on What Makes Apple Apple

Greg Joswiak Apple’s Vice President of iPhone marketing did a great interview with Re/code at the Code/Mobile conference with Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried.

My favorite part of the interview when Ina asked Greg regarding the Apple Watch that he’s wearing, opening the way for Walt to ask the question that everyone wants to ask regarding the price of the Apple Watch.

In the interview Greg is seen wearing the small size of the Apple Watch saying that he prefer this size, and that the two Apple Watch sizes are about choice:

about making sure you have product that look and feel right for you.

Walt took another shot at Greg regarding how accurate Siri is going to be in car when using Apple CarPlay and it backfired in a funny way.

You should definitely watch it.