Reddit acquires Alien Blue, Jase Morrissey joins Reddit

Reddit announced today that they acquired the pixel perfect Reddit client app Alien Blue and renaming it to Alien Blue – reddit official client. Along with this acquisition, Jase Morrissey – The App Developer – is joining the Reddit team and will continue developing his beloved app.

Reddit Alien Blue new iconNo major changes for the app itself except for a brand new icon that is similar to the Reddit official AMA app icon that I reviewed before.

Due to how the App Store app transfer works, old users need to redownload the app again, as for users who purchased the pro upgrade they need to purchase it again, but because this is Reddit and Reddit is awesome, they are making the pro upgrades free for an entire week. Reddit also said in it’s post that they are going to continue to work with developers who work on other Reddit 3rd party app.

Please make sure to export your setting from the old app an import it to the new app before deleting the old one.

Apple accidentally leaks iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

Forget about today’s new security vulnerability named Poodle and forget about Google’s new Android OS named Lollipop, Apple today did a funnier thing than both of these names.

Apple leaked by “mistake” iOS 8.1 iPad user guide that include photos of the upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. The photos included in the user guide which were reported first by Mark Gurman from 9To5Mac shows that the both new iPads will include a Touch ID sensor.

So incase something bad happened in tomorrow’s Apple live event, you sure won’t miss out on anything, thanks to this “accidental leak”.

Apple will live stream October 16 event

Apple updated its website to include a link to October 16 event which will be live streamed on on October 16 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Apple otober 1 webpage

Apple is rumored to announce a new 12.9inch iPad with TouchID, A possible new iMac, and the release of OS X Yosemite to the public which was first released to developers on July 24 this year.

My only wish for this live stream is that it doesn’t suck like the last one.

Apple next event is set for October 16

Apple sent out invitations for it’s next media event with the title: It’s been way too long.

The even will be held at Cupertino campus and will begin at 10:00 am PT according to Jim Dalrymple Editor in Chief of LoopInsight who first reported about Apple’s event.

The first notable thing that we should expect from this event is releasing OS X Yosemite to the public, Next thing is next gen iPad Air which is rumored to be bigger, have an A8X Processors and a 12.9 Inch screen.

What I want to see the most is Touch ID on the iPad, a bigger storage, and a cool new unexpected thing, I’m not sure though about a bigger screen since the current one is big enough.
Until then, make sure to put the date of the even on your calendar.

Pocket Cast is Coming to a Web Browser Near You

If you’re a Pocket Cast user you most likely spend most of your time on your laptop browsing the internet, doing research or writing articles like in my case. I’m sure there have been plenty moments where your iOS or Android device was no where in sight when you wanted to listen to a Podcast. Well, now you’re able to do that from your own web browser using Pocket Cast for the web! A brand new addition to the Pocket Cast family, a brand you already know and love.

So let’s take a closer look at Pocket cast for Web:

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Can 1Password save your digital life?

Ellis Hamburger from The Verge interviewing both Jeff Shiner and David Chartier from AgileBits

Ellis Hamburger: Yeah, people aren’t really keeping all their important files in their desk drawer anymore are they?

David Chartier: We have a lawyer who’s one of our customers who gives a free copy of 1Password to all his customers as part of his “last will and testament package.” The uses are far beyond just log-ins, but log-ins are where people know to start.

This is my favorite part of the interview, it’s really great to see a lawyer recommending and giving away copies of 1Password to his customers, hopefully more people would start doing that.

If you want to know more about 1Password then make sure to read my full review of this amazing app over here, and see all the new things that you do with 1Password on iOS 8 over here.