Black Friday Deals 2014: The Best Deals on the App Store

Black Friday is tomorrow Today, and the discounts party started already on the App Store.
A lot of great apps and games are on sale for Black Friday, so buy them before it’s too late.

Here’s a complete list of the best Black Friday Deals 2014 from apps and games for iOS that you should consider buying.

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Slow Feeds Adds the Ability to Subscribe to Feeds from Safari on iOS 8

With iOS 8 we saw a lot of developers update their iOS apps to take advantage of the new extension feature in Safari that allow users to do things without switching between apps, like saving articles to Pocket or entering a username and a password with 1Password. But one extension was missing, the ability to Subscribe to Feeds from Safari.

Now with the latest update for Slow Feeds to version 4.2 which adds a new ‘RSS to Slow Feeds’ Extension users can finally Subscribe to Feeds from Safari on iOS 8.

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I Watched Snapchat Snapcash Video so You Don’t Have To

In case you didn’t hear, the easily hackable app Snapchat introduced a new feature.
The new feature is called Snapchat Snapcash and it will allow you to send money to your friend using Snapchat after they’ve parternd with Square.

For this new feature, Snapchat decided to make a weird, fucked up video on so many levels to introduce this brand new feature.

Let’s take a look at it, shall we:

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Netflix is shutting down its public API today

Netflix is shuttering its public API today, effectively ending support for a number of third-party apps that made use of the API to get TV and movie show titles as well as other data from the streaming service.

My question is: What third-party apps?

Searching on the AppStore using the keyword “Netflix” shows the official app and bunch of poorly designed apps that no one seems to care about much.

Also take a look at the chart made by Daniel Jacobson, VP of Edge Engineering at Netflix, it really show that no one actually uses the public API that Netflix has provided for a long time, 11 years ago.


Apple’s Greg Joswiak on What Makes Apple Apple

Greg Joswiak Apple’s Vice President of iPhone marketing did a great interview with Re/code at the Code/Mobile conference with Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried.

My favorite part of the interview when Ina asked Greg regarding the Apple Watch that he’s wearing, opening the way for Walt to ask the question that everyone wants to ask regarding the price of the Apple Watch.

In the interview Greg is seen wearing the small size of the Apple Watch saying that he prefer this size, and that the two Apple Watch sizes are about choice:

about making sure you have product that look and feel right for you.

Walt took another shot at Greg regarding how accurate Siri is going to be in car when using Apple CarPlay and it backfired in a funny way.

You should definitely watch it.

uBlock Review, an Adblock Plus Alternative

When I discovered that the shitty browsing experience I have in Chrome was because of Adblock Plus and it’s high RAM usage on my MacBook (Mid-2010) I decided to look for an Adblock Plus alternative, that’s something I really enjoy doing, and I wish I did look into Chrome’s Task Manager a while ago to discover how much memory this extension use because it would’ve saved me a lot of time switching between browsers, but I also discovered again how great Firefox is, and now Mozilla will release a brand new Firefox browser for developers but I’m getting away from my subject, so let’s focus and talk about µBlock an Adblock Plus alternative

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How To Sync Firefox Bookmarks With iPhone

Recently I wanted to try other web browsers on both OSX and iOS. There’s a lot of options out there, from Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Here’s the top browsers that my readers use to visit this site:

#1 Chrome
#2 Safari
#3 Firefox

The only challenge that I had is syncing my bookmarks from MacBook running Snow Leopard to my iPhone running iOS 7.1.2 and iPad running iOS 8.1. Safari has iCloud bookmark syncing but i can’t use it since i’m running SL, And Chrome (Dev Channel) is already my Browser of choice so I looked for something new.

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Twitpic is NOT shutting down, for real this time!

In a recent post on Twitpic blog, Noah Everett the founder of Twitpic wrote that he will shut down the service due to an unsolved trademark issue with Twitter.

For thoes of you who don’t know what Twitpic is,  it’s a photo sharing service that is used for sharing pictures on Twitter since 2008

Noah said Twitter contacted him asking him to “abandon the trademark application or risk losing access to their API.”

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Reddit acquires Alien Blue, Jase Morrissey joins Reddit

Reddit announced today that they acquired the pixel perfect Reddit client app Alien Blue and renaming it to Alien Blue – reddit official client. Along with this acquisition, Jase Morrissey – The App Developer – is joining the Reddit team and will continue developing his beloved app.

Reddit Alien Blue new iconNo major changes for the app itself except for a brand new icon that is similar to the Reddit official AMA app icon that I reviewed before.

Due to how the App Store app transfer works, old users need to redownload the app again, as for users who purchased the pro upgrade they need to purchase it again, but because this is Reddit and Reddit is awesome, they are making the pro upgrades free for an entire week. Reddit also said in it’s post that they are going to continue to work with developers who work on other Reddit 3rd party app.

Please make sure to export your setting from the old app an import it to the new app before deleting the old one.

Apple accidentally leaks iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

Forget about today’s new security vulnerability named Poodle and forget about Google’s new Android OS named Lollipop, Apple today did a funnier thing than both of these names.

Apple leaked by “mistake” iOS 8.1 iPad user guide that include photos of the upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. The photos included in the user guide which were reported first by Mark Gurman from 9To5Mac shows that the both new iPads will include a Touch ID sensor.

So incase something bad happened in tomorrow’s Apple live event, you sure won’t miss out on anything, thanks to this “accidental leak”.