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Must Watch: The PC Security Channel

Recently after I posted my very first article after a few months away, I decided to go on YouTube and watch some reviews.

The thing is, I’ve already watched a lot of reviews for many different things from many different YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips, Tek Syndicate, The Verge and many, many more.

The few YouTubers that I mentioned all review Computer Hardware, or talk about tech news in general. They rarely dip their toes in the Software section, which is a bit disappointing to me because I know I would enjoy watching Software reviews.

They all have tried it at one point, but none continue to do it and I’m not sure why. For example, Linus Tech Tips did few video about¬†Google Chrome extensions, Desktop remote applications and Ninite, which all of them are for the NCIX Tech Tips channel and not his own?!

The Verge’s very own Paul Miller who left the internet for a year did a video showing the writing apps that he uses in a daily basis.

Tek Syndicate did 3 videos reviewing foobar2000, a music app for Windows that allows you to sync your iPod with something other than iTunes.

So, last night, I decided to look for some Software reviews on YouTube. I decided to look for Antivirus Software reviews, because I’ve been using an iPhone and an iPad for couple of years now and I honestly missed doing research on which Antivirus Software is better than the other and why.

The PC Security Channel.

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News For Hell: The Return

It’s been 200 days since the last time I posted here. It feels like forever to me and I honestly missed writing. It’s something that I never thought I would do.

I’ve been busy this whole time doing something that I thought would make my life easier, but it turned out I was wrong. It didn’t change anything. It actually in many ways, made it worse. So I decided to leave it for now to go back and work on the site.

I couldn’t just leave something that I’ve built over the past (almost) three years. I’ve learned a lot from having my own website and writing in it. Hopefully now I will continue to learn more, exciting new things.

I might have taken a big long break, but during this break, I was doing research behind the curtain on how to improve my website and make it better day after day.

So let’s take a deeper look at what’s new on the site:

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Pocket for iOS Featured Image Jun 19, 7 13 15 PM

Pocket Adds Text to speech feature on iOS

Most of the time when i’m out of the house, I don’t have an internet connection with me, so I have two ways of entertaining my self:

  1. Spotify Premium: this is my #1 option for entertainment when i’m out of the house, I open my Starred playlist and let the Metal begin flooding inside my brain.
  2. Pocket Cast: When I get so busy and I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of technology news, I fireup this bad boy, and listen only to the titles that seems intriguing.

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News For Hell: New Look, New Hosting

Not so long ago, I announced News47ell 3.0. Same look but a different hosting. At the time, I picked DigitalOcean because I wanted to challenge myself to do something that I’ve never tried before. A “DIY” type of hosting, where you do everything. Including configuring and securing your server.

I actually had fun learning all types of cool, new things. It honestly made me understand my Twitter timeline a lot better ūüėõ
The final product that you were all viewing for the past 3 months was not my first VPS server. How should I say this, A Droplet. No, it was my fourth. I was at a point where blood started to seep through my ears, but it was all worth it. You get this satisfying feeling of accomplishing a goal. It’s something I’ve never felt before.

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Tap Free WordPress hosting Review

Tap Hosting Review: A Modern Free WordPress Hosting

Looking for free WordPress hosting on Google is a bit dangerous and scary. Most of the time you end up in websites that offer a service¬†that is¬†too good to be true. Trying them could lead to bad things or you won’t even be able to try because you will be bombarded with ads, pop-ups and “click here” in order to sign up but it doesn’t actually work.

When you happen to find one that is true, it looks ugly, horrible UI and it’s so confusing for people who just want to start a website.

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Firefox Pocket Integration

Firefox Adds Pocket as a Built-In Extension

Mozilla announced that the new version of their web browser Firefox will be shipped with Pocket Extension built right in.
Pocket has been for a long time a great place for me to collect articles photos and any kind of links in general that I want to look at later.

With this move, Pocket is guaranteed to be seen by more than half a billion users world wide.

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OneNote WordPress Plugin Review Featured Image

Microsoft OneNote Publisher WordPress Plugin Review

This might sound weird, but I’m writing this article in OneNote to test out the newly released Microsoft OneNote Publisher¬†WordPress Plugin, which allow you to import your notes to WordPress and then publish them.

I want to see if my format will still look the same, and if it’s easy to use, and If it actually work.

Let’s see how it will go

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