Apple released a tool to remove the free U2 Album Songs of Innocence

On the iPhone 6, Watch and Pay Keynote Apple gave the album Songs of Innocence by U2 to all of its users for free, what followed after that is a strange thing, people didn’t know where that album came from. why its there, and if there iTunes account was hacked, and even who the fuck are U2?

Weird huh? Yup!

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Reddit Ask Me Anything arrives to the AppStore

Reddit is the source for a lot of great information, latest news, cute cat, and anything else you want. However, this time I won’t talk about that.
What I want to talk about is one specific section of Reddit, the famous Ask Me Anything (AMA) subreddit.
It’s a place where famous people come and answer questions from other Reddit users. There’s a tremendous amount of AMA’s from celebrities, politicians, people with interesting, life changing or weird stories.

I talked about the AMA subreddit before in an article about Interviewly but today I want to talk about the official Ask Me Anything app that arrived today on the AppStore.

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The 2014 Alienware AREA-51 PC from Alienware is a BEAST:

CPU: 8-core Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processor options that come factory overclocked.

RAM: 2133Mhz DDR4 memory — up to 32GB.

I believe that these guys has overcome Apple’s famous “trash can” the Mac Pro with this new crazy look.

But in terms of specs the Mac Pro still kick-ass:

CPU: 3.0 GHz 8-Core “Ivy Bridge-EP” Intel Xeon (E5-1680 v2) with 25 MB L3 cache or one 2.7 GHz 12-Core “Ivy Bridge-EP” Intel Xeon (E5-2697 v2) with 30 MB L3 cache.

RAM: 64 GB (four 16 GB) per Apple, expandable to 128 GB using third-party 1600 Mhz modules.

And a comparison between the last images in both videos just for fun:

Mac Pro Alienware Trailer Eye

Could this be a hidden message to Apple? Who knows, It might be!

Byword for iOS updated to version 2.2

Byword for iOS from the guys at Metaclassy, one of my favorite apps to write my articles in – received a very important update.
Now you can use your local photos on your iOS device and insert them into your article, and then they will get uploaded when you publish the article using the app Publish Feature.

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Migrating from WordPress to Ghost

Alex Knight from Zero Distraction talking about his experience Migrating from WordPress to Ghost:

Ghost is still very early days, and thus lacks some features you may have taken for granted in other platforms. For example, there’s no built-in archive or search, nor is there any way to do link blogging.

After Alex posted his article, I decided to check Ghost Platform again, and I was tempted to go back there. It cost $5 a month, so it’s half the price that I pay now for my Shared Hosting with DreamHost but there’s couple of things that I didn’t like about Ghost that made me cancel that idea:

  1. No iOS App
  2. No Linkblogging
  3. Articles on the main page show small excerpt (I don’t think you can change that)

All of this and maybe even more if i dug deeper are things that make me want to stay with WordPress.

Hopefully in the future if Ghost developers started making Plugins and more hacks to the platform, then maybe I will change my mind about it.

Drafts for iOS Review: Best Note Taking App for iPhone & iPad

When you take notes you look for a quick way to do it, because notes are basically information that you want to write down ASAP until you put it down in it’s proper place. You need a pen and a piece of paper, but whenever you need both, they are never within reach. It’s happened to all of us, looking for one or both, running around the house like chickens with our heads cut off. There must be a simpler way of doing this, as quickly as possible.

So What’s the best note taking app for iPhone or an iPad?

The answer is easy, you can do it with Drafts for iOS. It can do pretty much all the things I said before and even much-much more

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1Password for iOS Review

I’m one of those guys who generates strong and complicated yet easy to remember passwords. However, I do something that people won’t forgive me for doing. I use the same password for every single account I have.
Around three years ago, I discovered1Password but it didn’t change my life right away on how to use passwords correctly. It wasn’t until a year ago that I started using it the way it’s meant to be used.
That’s another thing I did wrong. I didn’t use the app right away, the way it should be used. Instead I just used it to save my one and only password for all my accounts, so I didn’t feel like it was useful for me until this year.

In case you were offline for the past year, let me tell you what happened.
This year many big companies were hacked into, lots of security holes and breaches. The main purpose of these hacks was to release as many passwords as possible to the public. Adobe breach was the wake up call for me because I was one of the victims of that attack like millions of others.
I realized that now my one and only password is available in the hands of these hackers, they can access pretty much all my accounts and information. I wanted and needed to fix that, and that’s when I realized that the solution was right in front of my eyes the entire time, 1Password.

If you don’t know what1Password is, it’s a password manager application that allows you to save all your account passwords and credentials. You’re able to organize them, which is convenient and makes your life easier.
Not only that, but 1Password also has the ability to generate complicated passwords for your accounts.

Today I’ll be discussing in detail about this amazing app that I believe everyone should own.

Here is my 1Password for iOS Review:

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1Password App Extension for iOS 8 apps

David Chartier the co-founder of AgileBits who are behind 1Password just introduced the new 1Password App Extension for iOS 8 that you can see in the video below.

Throughout history, the greats have always sought a “holy grail.” The Dude really wanted that new rug. Indiana Jones searched for… well, the Holy Grail. Today, we’re happy to say we built our holy grail: automatic 1Password Logins right in iOS 8 apps.

Just like I said on twitter, this is a game changer for users and developers on iOS, it makes logging in to your accounts and apps way much easier, and app developers should seriously start implementing this feature for the upcoming update for iOS.

1Password is the best password managment app out there for all platform, and if you are not a user, then you should think again and consider buying the app or you will find yourself one day wondering what went wrong when one of your accounts got hacked due to a lame password…password.

A Candid Look at Unread First Year

Jared Sinclair talking numbers regarding his RSS App Unread:

I should have priced Unread accordingly. If I had launched at $4.99 and got the same amount of downloads, I probably missed out on an additional $16K in sales.

Jared opened his cards to everyone to show how Independent developers suffer from the AppStore, and how it’s not an easy to earn money from the AppStore to live a normal life…not perfect, but just normal.

I can relay to that because I also suffer with this site’s numbers, it’s not a lot to be honest, and just like Jared I’m trying my best to make my numbers grow and attract more people.

His idea to attract a lot of people was to sell the app in the first week for half the price, and my idea was to choose a beautiful design for the site and make it beautiful and easy to read, both of us didn’t get the attention that we hoped for.

Jared said that what boosted his app the most was:

Coverage from influential bloggers can drive more sales than an App Store feature.

And I really think that this is so important, if no one supported you, then its hard to stand on your own, and if you did, then its gonna take you a while.

Other solutions is to drop what you are doing now and do what other peoples do.
For Jared it will be developing a game with a lot of IAP, something with catchy name and something that kids will cry to their parents until they get it for them and force their parents to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the IAP.

In my case I would have to do some Black SEO Tricks, which is absolutely going to kick me out of Google Search Engine but it will help me gain more readers for certain amount of time, or spam the internet with links to my website.

Ads is a solution for both of us, and I remember Unread ads on The Sweet Setup which was good I believe because The Sweet Setup by the Founder & Editor-in-Chief Shawn Blanc is a great website and attract a lot of people who love well designed apps and like to support developers, but for me I don’t think I want to spend money on ads just for the mean time.

At the end I want to say: I’m sure Jared won’t give up on doing what he love to do the most, neither will I, or follow what the mainstream want, for me i’m gonna keep writing on my site until the right opportunity comes, and I hope it does too for Jared and his Pixel Perfect App Unread.

If you wanna support Jared Sinclair, you can do that buy purchasing his app Unread for iPhone & iPad

And if you wanna support me, you can see how on the site’s Support Page.