Microsoft OneNote Publisher WordPress Plugin Review

This might sound weird, but I’m writing this article in OneNote to test out the newly released Microsoft OneNote Publisher WordPress Plugin, which allow you to import your notes to WordPress and then publish them.

I want to see if my format will still look the same, and if it’s easy to use, and If it actually work.

Let’s see how it will go

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The Next Web Implement a New Kind of Advertising Called Canvas Ads

The Next Web has been busy lately redesigning their website, and introducing a new kind of ads. They are called Canvas Ads. These ads are far from what Google adsCarbon ads and THEDECK offer, its way more beautiful.

I’ve always believed that if there’s something that someone else did and you don’t like, then do it yourself and do it the way you’ve always wanted, I guess this is how The Next Web team was thinking when they made Canvas Ads.

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Verizon Buys Aol for $4.4 Billion

Guess what! Today I’m going tell you the news about two companies that I’ve never mentioned before in my site, Verizon and Aol…Ok let’s be fare, I mentioned Aol before when they shutdown TUAW.

If you read the title then I’m sure you already know what this news article is all about but let’s write it here again: Verizon Buys Aol for $4.4 Billion.

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CleanMyMac 3 Review: Powerful Cleaning Tools for Mac

As an app reviewer, I tend to try new apps every single day. One app after another and at the end of day, I end up with two things:

  • A good app that turns into a review
  • GBs of files that take up memory

In order to clean this mess, I can go into each app to look for a clear cache option or simply delete it. However, even that leaves a lot of unwanted files in my Mac that accumulate quickly and take up a lot of memory.

I always turn to my trusted app CleanMyMac. It helps me free up space on my Mac, uninstall apps and even boost up its speed with only one click.

Dive into this CleanMyMac 3 Review to learn all about this powerful app.

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Intel wants to protect your smartwatches with anti-virus software

Tom Warren from The Verge:

Intel just announced anti-virus software for smartwatches. Yes, that’s right, for smartwatches. The chip maker is bundling its McAfee Mobile Security suite with LG’s recently announced Watch Urbane LTE. I’m not sure why, and I don’t think Intel is either. I asked Intel CEO Brian Krzanich why a smartwatch needs anti-virus software, and he compared the wrist-worn gadgets to air conditioners.

Here you go, bloatware should be available soon on your watch, and air conditioners too“brought by McAfee antivirus.”

John Siracusa Quits Reviewing OS X Releases After 15 Years with Ars Technica

If you are expecting a review by John Siracusa of the next OS X release then you are out of luck, Sadly after 15 years with Ars Technica, John Siracusa decided to stop writing reviews of new releases of OS X, even on his own site:

 I won’t be reviewing it for Ars Technica or any other publication, including the website you’re reading now.

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Incapsula Review: Block Semalt and Protect WordPress Login Page

I’ve been a CloudFlare user since 11/11/13, the reason why I chose them as my CDN provider was because of all the positive reviews that I kept reading about them.

What CloudFlare supposed to do is to protect your site from malicious attacks and make it faster by caching it’s content, but I honestly didn’t see any changes what so ever, but I kept it installed because they do have one great thing that I use which is their DNS management, it’s really easy to use and control, but other than that, CloudFlare felt like just a service that my traffic go through with no purpose.

A Year went by, and my site’s traffic grew, and with more great readers like you started learning about the site, hackers started learning about it as well, also spammers, like Semalt (SEO tool) and Buttons for Website (Sharing tools), that crawled my site everyday and caused fake traffic.

Google Analytics Semalt & BFW Referrals

I thought CloudFlare should’ve taken care of both, but sadly no. CloudFlare just let them go through day after day after day…and I wanted a solution, a once and for all kind of solution, something good to replace CloudFlare, and something that could take care of this annoying fake traffic.

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Best April Fools Day Pranks 2015

Today is the First of April, this mean that Tech companies around the world are competing in making the Best April Fools Day Pranks.

There’s a lot of them, from so many companies, like Google and Microsoft, iFixit and even DigitalOcean, the VPS Server the power this site.

Here I have a list of the Best April Fools Day Pranks that I personally enjoyed this year and I thought I would share it with you, and at the end of the article you will find a link of all the April Fools Day Joke from around the web.

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