Pocket Adds Text to speech feature on iOS

Most of the time when i’m out of the house, I don’t have an internet connection with me, so I have two ways of entertaining my self:

  1. Spotify Premium: this is my #1 option for entertainment when i’m out of the house, I open my Starred playlist and let the Metal begin flooding inside my brain.
  2. Pocket Cast: When I get so busy and I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of technology news, I fireup this bad boy, and listen only to the titles that seems intriguing.


News For Hell: New Look, New Hosting

Not so long ago, I announced News47ell 3.0. Same look but a different hosting. At the time, I picked DigitalOcean because I wanted to challenge myself to do something that I’ve never tried before. A “DIY” type of hosting, where you do everything. Including configuring and securing your server.

I actually had fun learning all types of cool, new things. It honestly made me understand my Twitter timeline a lot better ūüėõ
The final product that you were all viewing for the past 3 months was not my first VPS server. How should I say this, A Droplet. No, it was my fourth. I was at a point where blood started to seep through my ears, but it was all worth it. You get this satisfying feeling of accomplishing a goal. It’s something I’ve never felt before.


Tap Hosting Review: A Modern Free WordPress Hosting

Looking for free WordPress hosting on Google is a bit dangerous and scary. Most of the time you end up in websites that offer a service¬†that is¬†too good to be true. Trying them could lead to bad things or you won’t even be able to try because you will be bombarded with ads, pop-ups and “click here” in order to sign up but it doesn’t actually work.

When you happen to find one that is true, it looks ugly, horrible UI and it’s so confusing for people who just want to start a website.


A Look Canvas Ads from The Next Web

The Next Web has been busy lately redesigning their website, and introducing a new kind of ads. They are called Canvas Ads. These ads are far from what Google ads, Carbon ads and THEDECK offer, its way more beautiful.

I’ve always believed that if there’s something that someone else did and you don’t like, then do it yourself and do it the way you’ve always wanted, I guess this is how The Next Web team was thinking when they made Canvas Ads.