Twitter Release Official WordPress Plugin

If you are running a WordPress site, then I’m sure that you already know the that the WordPress plugin directory have an entire tag dedicated for Twitter which include a lot of different plugins that gives you endless amount of ways to implement Twitter in your WordPress site, exactly 1680 plugins.

But for whatever reason today, Twitter decided to release an official WordPress Plugin that is pretty much useless to me so far.

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Twilio Acquire Authy Two Factor Authentication Service

In an email sent to its users along with a blog post by The Founder & CEO of Authy, Daniel Palacio announced that Twilio Acquired Authy.

We are excited to let you know that Authy has joined Twilio, the world’s most popular cloud communications platform.

For the people who still don’t know what Authy is, you can say it’s the perfect Two Factor Authentication service that I personally use to protect both my site and my server, while Twilio is a cloud communication service that offer phones, VoIP, and messaging on the web.

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Jim Finkle from Reuters UK:

 The financial news site was infected by Chinese hackers with spying software that targeted specific visitors, including those at U.S. financial services and defence firms, according to two cybersecurity firms.

Hmm…Interesting, and guess how did they managed to do that:

The hackers infected in November with software that automatically attacked visitors by exploiting security flaws in Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer browser and Adobe Systems Inc’s Flash software, cybersecurity firms iSight Partners Inc and Invincea Inc said on Tuesday.

The moral of the story here boys and girls is that you should NEVER EVER use Internet Explorer and/or Adobe Flash, for the love of god, how many time people should say this over and over and over and over again!

Google Earth Pro is now free

 Starting today, even more people will be able to access Google Earth Pro: we’re making it available for free. To see what Earth Pro can do for you—or to just have fun flying around the world—grab a free key and download Earth Pro today. If you’re an existing user, your key will continue to work with no changes required.

If you are surprised that there’s a Pro version of Google Earth, then I think you will be surprised to know that there’s also a Premium version of Google Analytics.