Netflix Introduce Netflix Sans Typeface

Netflix Sans

Netflix introduced its own typeface called Netflix Sans which is designed by their own design team and in partnership with type foundry Dalton Maag. Netflix Sans replaced Gotham typeface, the same typeface CNN replaced on April 21, 2016, with CNN Sans.

The goal behind Netflix Sans is to save money, according to an interview with Netflix brand design lead Noah Nathan with It’s Nice That.

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News47ell Is Now on Patreon

News47ell Patreon

It was June 6th, 2016, the day PayPal lost its license in Turkey. I’ve been searching for a solution that will allow my readers to be able to donate money every month in the form of a subscription.

Luckily, Patreon offers that with their reliable, trustworthy, and secure system. For international money transfers, that will be handled by Payoneer. A New York City based money transfer and digital payment services.

Your donation will go towards paying for the site’s hosting provider to keep News47ell up and running and toward my coffee, to keep me up and running. Also, toward some crazy additions to the site in the future.

You can check the Patreon page and subscribe by clicking the button below or keep reading to learn more information.

Become a Patreon

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AirDroid Review: How to Sync Android Notifications with Mac

AirDroid Review

Sometimes my Android phone is a bit far from my reach and I have received an “important” SMS that I need to access in 30 seconds1. Instead of having to go grab my phone from the other room, unlock it, open the SMS app, read the code, memories and then type it on my MacBook. I have found another, much easier way to do all of this right from my MacBook using an app called AirDroid that allows me to Sync Android Notifications with Mac as well as having full access to my Android device.

Meaning that as soon as that SMS is received on my Android phone, I will get a notification on my MacBook. I can copy part of it like the TFA code or reply to it if it’s a person I’m talking with.

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Slack Notifications by dorzki WordPress Plugin Review

Slack Notifications by dorzki WordPress Plugin Review

These days, our phones are in our pockets all the time. Yes, phones as in multiple ones, is it just me?
Back to the main subject, most of the time you have your phone with you and you are out of the house doing your job and all you can think about is your precious WordPress site and what’s happening with it. Again, it’s not just me, right?

When I am out, I like to always know whenever a new plugin, theme or core update is available. Whether someone managed to log in to my account, edited something without my permission or when an article is published on schedule.

You can push all of these notifications easily to your phone and as a bonus, they can all be pushed to your Slack channel, which is what I do.

Let’s dive into this Slack Notifications by dorzki WordPress Plugin Review and learn How to integrate Slack with WordPress.

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How to Roll Back WordPress Themes and Plugins

How to Roll Back WordPress Themes and Plugins

Has this ever happened to you? Having enabled WordPress automatic updates and the developer of your favorite WordPress theme pushed an update with a code that changed something in the theme that you weren’t ready for. So, therefore, you needed to rollback to a previous version of that same theme but you didn’t know how and when you learned how to do it, you found the steps too cumbersome?

This never happened to me but it could’ve happened to you. It could happen to any one of us and when it does, you should be ready to quickly rollback to any version you want of your favorite theme or plugin.

If you’re looking for an easy way to rollback your favorite WordPress theme or plugin to any previous version that your heart desires, then there’s a solution for you and it’s called WP Rollback Plugin.

Today I will share with you How to Roll Back WordPress Themes and Plugins using WP Rollback plugin.

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Authy Deprecating It’s WordPress Plugin

Authy Deprecating It's WordPress Plugin

In a surprise announcement by the head of Product for Account Security at Twilio and the previous founder of Clef, B Byrne said on January 12th, 2018, that Authy Deprecating It’s WordPress Plugin.

Authy plugin for WordPress allowed you to enable Two-factor authentication on your WordPress site. It’s a product close to my heart since I wrote multiple articles about it and a complete review.

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How to Set DNS Automatically Using OpenVPN

How to Set DNS Automatically Using OpenVPN

The idea for this article started after hearing TWiT Security Now podcast, episode Quad Nine where Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte talk about what they described as a ‘very appealing and speedy new alternative DNS service, called Quad9.’

I wanted my DNS on all my devices to be set automatically without me having to re-configure it every time I join a new network.

As we all know, in iOS, you need to change your DNS records for each and every network. On Android, you need to change your IP settings first to static then write the IP manually. After that, you’d enter your preferred DNS for each and every network.

Well, shit. This is way too much work for something that should be quite easy and simple and more importantly, automatic. As in, set it and forget it.

If you use a VPN, as you should, then keep reading to learn How to Set DNS Automatically Using OpenVPN

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How to Enable Automatic Update for WordPress

Enable Automatic Update for WordPress

One way to keep your WordPress site secure is to keep it and everything in it up to date. Meaning that you have to update the core software which is WordPress and the theme you are using. In my case, it’s GeneratePress. One last thing to update are the plugins you are using and in my case… that’s…well…. that’s a long list for another time.

Instead of checking your WordPress update section all the time anticipating a new update, there’s a way to enable automatic update for WordPress. You just set it once and forget it.

Today, I will tell you How to Enable Automatic Update for WordPress.

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How to Protect WordPress Login Page

Protect WordPress Login Page

Being the number one1 CMS in the world, websites running WordPress are a great target for hackers who want to take control of other people’s websites. Hackers will ask for a ransom, sell personal information that belongs to the site’s owner/s and it’s users, distribute malware, send spam or simply, to eliminate competitors.

One very popular way of getting administrative access to a WordPress site is by attacking the login page.

Thy name is wp-login.php.

We all know it and you should know that everyone knows it. Hackers will use it since it’s the gateway to your site and you should do your best to Protect your WordPress Login Page.

Using a technique called Brute Force Attack, hackers take advantage of a few weak points that come with every WordPress installation. You should harden those weak points as soon as possible to keep intruders outside and your site safe and protected.

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Protect WordPress Login Page from Brute Force Attack

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How to Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Remove Border-Radius from Twitter

Over at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco back in June 2017, Grace Kim, the VP of Design + Research @ Twitter published a blog post letting people know how Twitter is moving to a more round shaped design for Twitter profile images, Buttons, and the Tweet box, etc…

Not a lot of people are happy about this new design let me tell you.

I am personally not a big fan of the rounded design either. As you can see from the designs of News47ell, I enjoy a design with no radius, for example, Pinboard & Instapaper.

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