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These are all the projects I’ve worked on.

# News47ell.com

News47ell is a portfolio/blog that I started on 2013 and it’s still running to this day. Currently, it’s running on Next.js and hosted on Vercel. This is a place where I write about things that I’m interested in and do experiment with new technologies and ideas.

It started only as a blog that ran on WordPress and was hosted on LightningBase. But, I wanted to learn something new, so first, I went with Hugo and hosted it on Netlify, then switched to Next.js and hosted it on Vercel and now, I’m using Astro and hosting it on Vercel.

# Technologies used

# News47ell’s Dashboard

I built the dashboard to display the most important stats of News47ell.com, as well as the stats of the songs I listen to, programming languages I use and TV shows and Movies I watch. It’s built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel.

# Technologies used

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