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These are all the projects I’ve worked on.

# News47ell.com

News47ell is a portfolio/blog that I started on 2013 and it’s still running to this day. Currently, it’s running on Next.js and hosted on Cloudflare Pages. This is a place where I write about things that I’m interested in and do experiment with new technologies and ideas.

It started only as a blog that ran on WordPress and was hosted on LightningBase. But, I wanted to learn something new, so first, I went with Hugo and hosted it on Netlify, then switched to Next.js and hosted it on Vercel and now, I’m using Astro and hosting it on Cloudflare Pages.

# Technologies used

# News47ell’s Dashboard

I built the dashboard to display the most important stats of News47ell.com, as well as the stats of the songs I listen to, programming languages I use and TV shows and Movies I watch. It’s built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel.

# Technologies used

# News47ell’s Analytics

Built using SvelteKit and hosted on Cloudflare Pages, News47ell’s Analytics is a place where I can see the most important stats of News47ell.com. The site displays the number of visitors by day, week, month, and year, as well as the top 10 most visited pages, countries, and referrers…etc.

# Technologies used

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